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February 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
II. Roll Call
III. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings
III.D. Regular and Closed Minutes of the Regular  Board Meeting of Thursday, January 17, 2013
VII. Financial Reports
VII.H. Treasurer's Report
VII.J. Balance Sheet
VII.L. Approval of Bills and Payroll
VII.Q. All Other Financial Reports
VII.Q.18. Comparison of Funds -January 2012 with January 2013
VII.Q.20. Monthly Financial Report
VII.Q.22. Other
XXIII. Communication
XXIII.X. Thank You Letter for Foreign Exchange Student's Visit
XXIII.Z. Thank you from Roberta McCleave
XXIII.AB. Letter from West Richland CUSD#2
XXX. Recognition and Comments from Employees and Public
XXX.AE. East Richland High School Illinois State Scholars
XXXII. Administrative Reports
XXXII.AG. Superintendent's Report
XXXII.AG.34. Financial Update
XXXII.AG.35. East Richland/West Richland Annexation Update
XXXII.AG.37. Wabash Valley Division Meeting - March 5, 2013    
XXXII.AG.39. CFC Legislation Fact Sheet
XXXII.AO. Assistant Superintendent's Report
XXXII.AO.42. Update on Time Schedule for Insurance Bids
XXXII.AO.44. The Great Central U.S. Shake Out Participation
XXXII.AT. Administrative Reports
XXXII.AT.47. ERES - Suzanne Hahn
XXXII.AT.49. ERES - Cris Edwards
XXXII.AT.50. ERMS-Andrew Thomann
XXXII.AT.52. ERHS - Chris Simpson
XXXII.AT.54. ERHS - Chad LeCrone
XXXII.AT.55. Special Education - Mick Whittler
LVII. Unfinished Business
LVIII. New Business
LVIII.BG. Approve Performance Rankings File (Certified Staff)
LVIII.BI. Approve Non-certified Seniority List
LVIII.BK. Approve Summer Maintenance and Five Year Maintenance Plan
LVIII.BM. Approve Fuel Bids
LVIII.BO. Approve Bids for ERHS Restroom Remodel
LXIX. Policies for Second Reading and Adoption
LXIX.BR. 2.20 School Board - Powers and Duties of the School Board
LXIX.BT. 2:30 School Board - Board of Education Elections
LXIX.BV. 2:110 School Board - Board of Education Qualifications, Terms, and Duties of Board Officers
LXIX.BX. 2:125 School Board - Board of Education Member Expenses
LXIX.BZ. 2:200 School Board -  Types of School Board Meetings
LXIX.CB. 4:45 Operational Services - Insufficient Funds Checks and Debt Recovery
LXIX.CD. 4:60 Operational Services - Purchases and Contracts
LXIX.CF. 4:70 Operational Services - Resource Conservation
LXIX.CH. 4:110 Operational Services - Transportation
LXIX.CJ. 5:30 General Personnel - Hiring Process and Criteria
LXIX.CL. 6:65 Instruction - Student Social and Emotional Development
LXIX.CN. 6:110 Instruction - Truant's Alternative and Optional Education
LXIX.CP. 6:210 Instruction - Instructional Materials
LXIX.CR. 7:70 Students - Attendance and Truancy
XCVIII. Executive Session
XCVIII.CU. To Consider Information Regarding Appointment, Employment or Dismissal of Individual Employees
XCVIII.CV. Consider Matters of Negotiations
XCVIII.CW. To Discuss Matters Regarding Real Property
XCVIII.CX. To Discuss Matters of Closed Session Minutes
CIII. Employment
CIII.CZ. Approval of Volunteer Coaches for ERHS Spring Sports
CIII.DB. Approval of ERMS Personal Paraprofessional
CIII.DD. Approval of  Workers for Summer Maintenance
CX. Reinstatement of Sick Leave
CX.DH. Bus Driver 
CX.DI. ERMS Teacher
CXIV. Leave of Absence
CXIV.DK. ERES Speech Pathologist
CXVII. Closed Minutes
CXVII.DN. Approve Destruction of the Audio Recording of the Regular  Meeting of Thursday, August 18, 2011.
CXVII.DP. Approve Opening Closed Session Minutes to the Public
CXXIX. Adjourn

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