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August 18, 2011 at 7:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
II. Roll Call
III. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings
III.D. Regular and Closed Minutes of the Regular  Board Meeting of Thursday, Juoy 15, 2011
VII. Financial Reports
VII.H. Treasurer's Report
VII.J. Approval of Bills and Payroll
VII.O. All Other Financial Reports
VII.O.16. Comparison of Funds - July 2010 with July 2011
VII.O.18. Approval of Activity Funds
VII.O.19. Monthly Financial Report
VII.O.22. Other
XXIII. Communication
XXIII.X. Thank You from Suzanna Ridgely
XXV. Recognition and Comments from Employees and Public
XXV.Z. Illinois Principal's Award(s)
XXV.Z.27. Partners in Education - Chad LeCrone
XXV.Z.28. Friend of Education - Susan Bishop
XXV.AC. ISBE Committee Member - Sherry Geier
XXV.AD. Lego Serious Play
XXXII. Administrative Report
XXXII.AG. Superintendent's Report
XXXII.AG.34. Projected Enrollments
XXXII.AG.36. Review of August 15th and 16th
XXXII.AG.37. Grant Information
XXXII.AG.38. Financial Update/Review
XXXII.AG.39. Wabash Valley Conference and Dinner Meeting
XXXII.AN. Assistant Superintendent's Report
XXXII.AO. Administrative Reports
XXXII.AO.42. ERES - Suzanne Hahn
XXXII.AO.44. ERES - Cris Edwards
XXXII.AO.45. ERMS-Andrew Thomann
XXXII.AO.46. ERHS - Chris Simpson
XXXII.AO.48. ERHS - Chad LeCrone
XXXII.AO.49. Special Education - Mick Whittler
L. Unfinished Business
LI. New Business
LI.AZ. Head Start Agreement
LIII. Policies for First Reading
LIV. Executive Session
LIV.BC. To Consider Information Regarding Appointment, Employment or Dismissal of Individual Employees
LIV.BD. To Discuss Matters of Student Discipline
LIV.BE. To Discuss Matters of Possible or Pending Litigation
LIV.BF. To Consider Matters of Negotiations
LIV.BG. To Discuss Matters of Closed Session Minutes
LX. Resignations
LX.BI. ERES Elementary Teacher
LXII. Employment
LXII.BK. ERHS Part-Time Read 180 Teacher/Teacher Assistant
LXII.BM. Special Education Teacher
LXII.BN. Paraprofessional
LXII.BP. Two-Hour Dishwasher
LXII.BQ. ERCU Bus Driver
LXXII. Transfers to Fill Employment Vacancies
LXXII.BV. ERES Library Aide
LXXII.BW. ERES TA/ERMS Part-Time Teacher
LXXII.BX. ERES Part-Time PreK Teacher/Teacher Assistant
LXXVII. Call Back from Reduction in Force
LXXVII.BZ. Bus Drivers
LXXX. Approval of Volunteer Personnel
LXXX.CD. Volunteer Football Coaches
LXXX.CE. Volunteer Volleyball Coach
LXXX.CF. Volunteer Cross Country Coaches
LXXX.CG. Volunteer Girls' Tennis Coaches
LXXX.CH. Volunteer Physician
LXXX.CI. Volunteer Marching Band Driver
LXXXVIII. Set Salaries
LXXXVIII.CK. Administrators
LXXXVIII.CL. Support Staff
XCI. Closed Minutes
XCI.CN. Approve Destruction of Closed Session Audio Recording of the Regular Meeting of  January 21, 2010
XCIII. Adjourn

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