July 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Board of Supervisors Meeting

1. Call to Order
Description:  Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
Roll Call
2. Approval of Minutes:
2.A. Regular Meeting Minutes
3. Correspondence:
4. Public Comment: 
5. Presentations, Staff & Board Reports:
6. Treasurer's Report:
6.A. Fund Balances:
Description:  These are presented for reference only & are not an audited figure.
Mid Penn Bank
General Fund Balance $2,450,461.83
Liquid Fuels $1,288,396.76
Capital Reserve Fund $591,722.47

Fulton General Fund Balance $850,028.62
6.B. Monthly Deposits 
Description:  $31,262.93
6.C. Expenditures:
6.C.(1) Payroll, July 17, 2020
Description:  Net $28,048.51
Gross $37,436.09
6.C.(2) Vouchers pre-paid via paper check
Description:  Admin, Parks, PW: $68,735.95
Fire Tax: $31,161.09
6.C.(3) Vouchers pre-paid via ACH transfer
Description:  $93,146.62
7. Old Business:
8. Other Business:
9. New Business:
9.A. Resolution 2020-49 Amendment to the Schedule of Fees
MS4 Stormwater Appeals Board Hearing appeals on MS4 Stormwater matters for determinations and granting of relief from the MS4 Fee program requirements. Subject to approval of the SW MS4 Hearing Board. Must be added to agenda. No upfront fees. Will be responsible for all other agency fees.
9.B. Financial Security Adjustment for Lezzar Lumber
Description:  Release in full the amount of the financial security for Lezzar Lumber, as recommended by HRG in their letter dated May 21, 2020.
10. Public Comment:    
Description:  Please limit comments to 3-5 minutes.
11. Parks Upcoming Events:
12. Supervisor Comments:
12.A. Gloria Zimmerman
12.B. Jay Megonnell
12.C. Kyle Miller
12.D. Donald Steinmeier
12.E. Stacey Connors
13. Adjournment:
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