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July 16, 2018 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order & Pledge to the Flag - President Britt Slocum
II. Board Pledge
III. Correspondence
IV. Public Comment - Agenda Items Only
V. Adoption of Meeting Agenda
VI. ***Approval of Minutes
VII. Special Meeting Activities
VII.A. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-1, Designation of Date, Time & Location of School Board Meetings
VII.B. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-2, Designation of Person to Post Meetings
VII.C. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-3, Membership Resolution - Michigan High School Athletic Association
VII.D. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18- 4, Annual Designation of School Depositories
VII.E. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-5, Designation of Professional Service Consultants - Attorneys
VII.F. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-6, Designation of Audit Firm
VII.G. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-7, Designation of Authorized Signatories
VII.H. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-8, Designation of Electronic Transfer Officer
VII.I. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-9, Designation of Charitable Giving Agent
VII.J. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-10, Breakfast, Lunch and Milk Prices for 2018-2019
VIII. Presentation of Reports
VIII.A. Personnel and Policy
VIII.A.1. Recommendation to approve Report #18-11, Policy (Second Reading)
VIII.A.2. ***Recommendation to approve Report #18-12, Personnel Recommendations
VIII.B. Finance & Facilities
VIII.B.1. Recommendation to approve Report #18-13 Technology Purchase - Chromebooks
VIII.B.2. Recommendation to approve Report #18-14 , State Aid Note Authorizing Resolution
VIII.B.3. Recommendation to approve Report #18-15, Purchase of Maintenance Truck
VIII.B.4. Recommendation to approve Report #18-16, Furniture Purchase
IX. Superintendent's Report
X. Public Comment - Open comment for District related items
XI. Other Board Business
XII. Adjournment
XIII. *** Denotes Consent Agenda

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