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August 21, 2017 at 5:30 PM - Special Meeting

I. Call to Order - President Britt Slocum
I.A. The Board President calls meeting to order by following regular meeting routine.
I.A.1. State item to be considered, "We are convened for this special meeting to consider recommended discipline of a student."
I.B. The President inquires of parent(s)/guardian(s) whether they would prefer open or closed session.
I.C. If a closed hearing is requested by the parent(s)/guardian(s), the President will entertain a motion to adjourn to a closed session.
I.C.1. Purpose:  To consider recommended student discipline.
I.C.2. Motion:  Roll call vote required at request of parent(s)/guardian(s) for closed session.
II. Adoption of Agenda
III. Student Hearing
III.A. The President recognizes all in attendance and asks everyone to identify themselves.
III.B. Hearing Officer presents what occurred to cause the hearing to be called.
III.B.1. Building Administration presents facts specific to the incident.
III.B.2. Student tells his/her side of the story.
III.B.3. Parent/Guardian may add comments as well, or ask clarifying questions.
III.B.4. Board may ask clarifying questions.
III.B.5. Opportunity for additional comments from those in attendance.
III.C. Disciplinary Recommendation
IV. Board deliberation on the recommendation
IV.A. The President states: "Before expelling a student, the Board shall consider each of the following factors:
IV.A.1. The pupil's age.
IV.A.2. The pupil's disciplinary history.
IV.A.3. Whether the pupil is a student with a disability.
IV.A.4. The seriousness of the violation or behavior committed by the pupil.
IV.A.5. Whether the violation or behavior committed by the pupil threatened the safety of any pupil or staff member.
IV.A.6. Whether restorative practices will be used to address the violation or behavior committed by the pupil.
IV.A.7. Whether a lesser intervention would properly address the violation or behavior committed by the pupil.
V. The President invites those in attendance to leave the hearing during the Board's deliberation.  The Board reserves the right to call any of the witnesses back into the room during deliberation for clarifying questions.
VI. Motion/Vote (open session)
VII. Adjournment

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