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June 19, 2017 at 6:30 PM - Regular

I. Call to Order and Pledge to the Flag - President Britt Slocum
II. Special Presentations
III. Correspondence
IV. Public Comment
V. Student Representative Report
VI. Board Member Comment
VII. Adoption of Agenda
VIII. ***Approval of Minutes
IX. Presentation of Reports
IX.A. Advisory Committee Reports
IX.A.1. Personnel & Policy - Member Nester
IX.A.2. Finance & Facilities - Member Wright
IX.A.3. Teaching & Learning - Member Sherry
IX.A.4. Marketing & Communications - Member Witwer
IX.A.5. Sinking Fund - Member Sherry
IX.B. Personnel & Policy
IX.B.1. ***Recommendation to approve Report #16-54, Personnel Recommendations
IX.B.2. For Discussion - Policy (First Reading)
IX.C. Finance & Facilities
IX.C.1. ***Recommendation to approve Report #,16-55 Certification of Summer Tax Levy
IX.C.2. Recommendation to approve Report #16-56, Technology Device Purchase Recommendations
IX.C.3. Recommendation to approve Report #16-57, Furniture Purchase
IX.C.4. Recommendation to approve Report #16-58, Waverly Community Schools 2017-2018 Budget Resolutions
X. Superintendent's Report
XI. Other Board Business
XII. Adjournment
XIII. Call to Order and Pledge to the Flag - President Britt Slocum
XIV. Correspondence
XV. Public Comment
XVI. Student Representative Report
XVII. Board Member Comment
XVIII. Adoption of Agenda
XIX. ***Approval of Minutes
XX. Presentation of Reports
XX.A. Advisory Committee Reports
XX.A.1. Personnel & Policy - Member Nester
XX.A.2. Finance & Facilities - Member Wright
XX.A.3. Teaching & Learning - Member Sherry
XX.A.4. Marketing & Communications - Member Witwer
XX.A.5. Sinking Fund - Member Sherry
XX.B. Personnel & Policy
XX.C. Finance & Facilities
XXI. Superintendent's Report
XXII. Other Board Business
XXIII. Adjournment

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