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July 10, 2006 at 7:00 PM - Organizational

I. Call to Order & Pledge to the Flag
II. Special Presentation - Oath of Office - Calvin Jones & Mary Ann Martin
III. Board Pledge
IV. Election of Officers
V. Correspondence
VI. Public Comment
VII. Student Representative Report
VIII. Approval of Minutes
IX. Board Member Comment
X. Adoption of Meeting Agenda
XI. Organizational Meeting Activities
XI.A. For Action: Report #06-01, Designation of Date, Time & Location of School Board Meetings
XI.B. For Action: Report #06-02, Designation of Committees and Appointments
XI.C. For Action: Report #06-03, Annual Designation of School Depositories
XI.D. For Action: Report #06-04, Designation of Professional Service Consultants - Attorneys
XI.E. For Action: Report #06-05, Delegate(s) - MASB Annual Meetings
XI.F. For Action: Report #06-06, Representative - MASB Legislative Relations Network
XI.G. For Action: Report #06-07, Appointment - ISOA Representative
XI.H. For Action: Report #06-08, Board of Education/Township Liaison
XI.I. ***For Action: Report #06-09, Northeast Eaton Consortium (NEC) Agreement
XI.J. ***For Action: Report #06-10, Designation of Audit Firm for 2006-2007
XI.K. ***For Action: Report #06-11, Designation of Authorized Signatories
XI.L. ***For Action: Report #06-12, Designation of Person to Post Meetings
XI.M. ***For Action: Report #06-13, Appointment of Parliamentarian
XI.N. ***For Action: Report #06-14, Designation of Charitable Giving Fiscal Agents
XI.O. ***For Action: Report #06-15, Membership Resolution - Michigan High School Athletic Association
XII. Recommended Items
XII.A. Personnel
XII.A.1. Recommendation to approve Report #06-16, Personnel Recommendations
XIII. Superintendent's Report
XIV. Public Comment
XV. Other Board Business
XVI. Adjournment
XVII. *** Denotes Consent Agenda
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