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October 6, 2020 at 5:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

I. Call to Order - Chair Dr. DeeDee Currier

Roll Call - Linda Berg
II. Conduct Pledge of Allegiance - Chair Dr. DeeDee Currier
III. Preamble
IV. Visitors Opportunity to be Heard - Chair Dr. DeeDee Currier
V. Updates from Special Education and DCALS- Melissa Schaller/Eric VanBrocklin
VI. Consent Items
VI.A. Review and approve Minutes Regular School Board Meeting on September 8, 2020 
VI.B. Review and Approve Personnel Considerations
VI.C. Review and Approve Memorandum of Understanding for Employee 
VI.D. Review and Approve Employee Leave Request
VII. Donations
VIII. Executive Director of Business Services Report
VIII.A. Bills and wire transfers - Nicolle Roush
IX. Policies
IX.A. Review Policies to be removed: (first reading)
452 - Employment of Temporary Employees
453 - Non-Licensed Substitute Pay Schedule
454 - Instructor Attendance
458 - Instructional Staff Performance Appraisal
462 - Building Security
463 - Jury Duty
IX.B. Review annual policies: (first reading)
456 - Substitute Instructor Pay Schedule
521 - Student disability Non-Discrimination
IX.C. Review policies:   (first reading)
461- Staff Use of District Facilities Equipment
465 - Employee Time Off for Union Negotiations
820 - Provisions for the Closing of Schools Due to Inclement Weather or Other Exigency
483 - Uniforms for School District Personnel, Safety Eyewear and Other Personal Protective Equipment
X. Old Business
X.A. Review Strategic Directives 2021-2024 - Mark Zuzek
X.B. Review and Approve Operational Focus 2020-2021
XI. New Business
XI.A. Review and Approve Temporary Work Agreement - Mark Zuzek
XI.B. Review and Approve Assurance of Compliance - Mark Zuzek
XI.C. Review and Approve renewals for LTD and Life Insurance - Nicolle Roush
XI.D. Review and Approve Medical and Dental Insurance Rates for 2021-2022 - Nicolle Roush
XI.E. Enrollment Count for October 1  - Special Education - Melissa Schaller
XI.F. Enrollment count for October 1, 2020 for DCALS - Eric VanBrocklin
XI.G. Approve Proclamation for Principals' Week - Mark Zuzek
XII. Future Agenda Items
XIII. Adjournment
XIV. Recorded Meeting via Google Hangouts for October 6, 2020
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