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March 29, 2022 at 5:30 PM - Investment/Finance/Audit Committee

1. Call to Order
2. Update Items:
2.A. INFORMATION ITEM: Becoming an Entrepreneurial Community College
3. Standing Committee Items:
3.B. INFORMATION ITEM: Capital Budget Process
3.C. INFORMATION ITEM: FY 23 Budget Process
3.D. INFORMATION ITEM: Increasing Revenues - Entrepreneurial College
3.E. INFORMATION ITEM:  Pedestrian Bridge Financial Update - Exhibit 3E
3.F. Financials
3.F.1. INFORMATION ITEM:  Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA) Quarter 1 (Corrected) - Exhibit 3F1
3.F.2. INFORMATION ITEM:  Public Funds Information Act (PFIA) Quarter 2 - Exhibit 3F2
3.F.3. INFORMATION ITEM: Financials: December 2021  - Exhibit 3F3
3.F.4. INFORMATION ITEM:  Financials: January 2022 - Exhibit 3F4
4. New Business Items:
4.A. ACTION ITEM:  ETCOG Purchasing Cooperative Interlocal Agreement & Resolution - Exhibit 4A
4.B. ACTION ITEM:   Interlocal Cooperation Contract/Tax Collection Agreement Between Gregg County and Kilgore College - Exhibit 4B
4.C. ACTION ITEM:  Kilgore College's TASB Risk Management Fund Membership - Exhibit 4C
4.D. INFORMATION ITEM:  Kilgore Economic Development Council Tax Abatement Compliance - Exhibit 4D
  • Skeeter Products, Inc.
  • Orgill, Inc/Hammer Time Owner (TX) LP/Ryder Truck Rental, Inc.
  • WagnerTuning, Inc.
4.E. INFORMATION ITEM:  Credit Card Pilot Program - Exhibit 4E
4.F. INFORMATION ITEM:  Parks Fitness Center Re-opening - Exhibit 4F
4.G. INFORMATION ITEM:  Retail Operations Manager Update 
4.H. INFORMATION ITEM:  Managing Print Services - Exhibit 4H
5. Walk-ins: All
5.A. INFORMATION ITEM:  Community College Association of Texas Trustees (CCATT) Annual Conference - Exhibit 5A
Thursday, June 16 - Saturday, June 18, 2022
Hyatt Regency, 1200 Louisiana St, Houston, TX
6. Adjourn

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