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October 14, 2010 at 7:00 PM - Regular

1. Call to order
Description:  Roll Call: Certification by the President that, "The Provisions of Section 551.041 Sub Chapter C, Government Code as Amended by the 73rd Legislature have been complied with in connection with public notice of this meeting and a quorum is present."
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Mission Statement
Description:  The mission of the Weatherford ISD is to teach, challenge, and inspire each student in a safe, nurturing environment to succeed in the global community.
4. Read and approve the September 9, 2010 Regular Meeting minutes and the September 20, 2010 Special Meeting minutes.
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5. Recognitions
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7. Superintendent's Report/Communications and Information
7.A. Hear Crockett Elementary Principal report.
Description:  Principal Debbie Braudaway will present a report on Crockett Elementary.  Highlights will include student and staff information.
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7.B. Receive the Weatherford ISD Leading Indicator Process (LIP) report.
Description:  The Leading Indicator Process (LIP) for the Weatherford ISD is reported to the Board to reflect progress toward the accomplishment of the five Strategic Goals in the WISD 2008-2013 Strategic Plan.  Also, included for the Board’s information is a summary report for the Monthly LIP Report.  The Board LIP Summary Report contains the total number of data elements reported for each LIP measure, a summary of the number of data elements reported that are coded red, yellow, or green, whether a Mid-Course Correction was reported, and a reference page number in the LIP report where the data are located.
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7.C. Hear TASA/TASB Convention Report
Description:  The annual TASA/TASB Convention was held September 24-26, 2010 in Houston, Texas.  Those attending will present a report on Convention highlights.
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7.D. Hear Communications Department Work Systems Review.
Description:  An annual review of the Communications Department Work System has been completed.  A written report is included and highlights the following categories:  System Description, System Integrity, System Measures That Matter, System Performance, Innovations, and Recommendations for Changes in System and/or Policy.  A summary of the material will be presented at the meeting by Derik Moore, Director of Communications.
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7.E. Hear Weatherford ISD Energy Management Program Annual report.
Description:  Weatherford ISD instituted an energy management program ten years ago to ensure District resources for energy usage were being utilized in the most efficient way.  Due to a substantial rise in energy cost in the summer of 2008, adjusted energy guidelines for the District were implemented to ensure budget stability.  These guidelines are still being utilized and producing significant cost avoidance for the District.  The Director of Safety and Security, Grant Priess, will provide the Board with an annual review of the energy management program for the period of September 2009 to August 2010.
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7.F. Hear Transportation Department Work System Review.
Description:  The Weatherford Independent School District provides student transportation through a contract service agreement with Durham School Services for daily route services, student shuttles for educational purposes, field trips, and extra-curricular events.  Grant Priess, Director of Safety and Security, serving as the Districts transportation liaison, has provided the Board with a system scorecard for review.
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8. Consent Items
8.A. Discuss and Consider:
8.A.1. Tax report for August 2010;
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8.A.2. Comparison of revenues and expenditures to budget;
Description:  The Revenue and Expenditure Report has not been submitted at this time due to the fact that the audit adjusted entries have not been finalized for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.
8.A.3. Investment report;
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8.A.4. Cash position by bank account;
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8.A.5. Consider 2010-2011 Campus Attendance Review Committee; and
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8.A.6. Consider the expulsion of a Wright Elementary student.
9. Board Activities
9.A. Discuss future agenda items.
10. Unfinished Business
10.A. Consider support of letter-writing campaign regarding a school finance overhaul.
Description:  The Aledo and Stephenville ISD Boards of Trustees have asked the Weatherford ISD Board to consider a letter-writing campaign to the Legislature concerning the current school funding system and the need for its immediate overhaul.  A sample letter is included.
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11. New Business
11.A. Consider Local Policy revisions recommended by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Policy Services Update 88 on first reading.
Description:  Update 88 addresses numerous changes from the Administrative Code.  Many of these rule changes are in response to legislation from the 81st Texas Legislative Session.  Enclosed to assist your review of the revisions to local policy are Vantage Points – A Board Member’s Guide to Update 88, Explanatory Notes, and a copy of the revised local policies.
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11.B. Conduct Public Hearing on Weatherford ISD’s FIRST (Financial Integrity Rating System of TEXAS) rating for 2008-2009.
Description:  Each year, public school districts are required to present to the Board of Trustees in an open meeting a report on the FIRST rating.  FIRST is a financial accountability system for Texas school districts developed by the Texas Education Agency in response to Senate Bill 875 of the 76th Texas Legislature in 1999.  Because the information comes from audited numbers, the data represented is reflective of the 2008-2009 school year.
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11.C. Consider amendments to 2010-2011 Budget.
Description:  Sections 44.002 through 44.006 of the Texas Education Code established the legal basis for adopted budgets.  A school district must amend the official budget before exceeding a functional expenditure category in the adopted budget.  The annual financial and compliance report will reflect the amended budget amounts.  The actual amendments for consideration will be provided at the Board Meeting.
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11.D. Consider restructuring of current bonds.
Description:  Consider all matters incident and related to the issuance and sale of Weatherford Independent School District Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds, Series 2010, including the adoption of an order authorizing the issuance of such bonds, establishing parameters for the sale and issuance of such bonds and delegating certain matters to an authorized official of the District.  Jeff Robert, with FirstSouthwest Securities, will be present to review this process.
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11.E. Consider approval for FFA Student Organization officers to attend National FFA Convention in Indiana.
Description:  The Weatherford ISD CTE Department is requesting permission for the FFA Student Organization officers to attend the 2010 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 20-23, 2010.  Additional information is included for Board review.   
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11.F. Consider on first reading Draft Policy Professional Development.
Description:  This is the last RGA (Reform Governance in Action®) draft policy to be written.  It aligns our staff development policy with the Curriculum Policy and the Continuous Improvement Policy.  Paula Mower, Director of Assessment and Organizational Development, took the lead in the policy’s development with the help and support of Linda Crownover, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction; Patti Young, Executive Director of Special Programs; and Holly Teague, Deputy Superintendent.  This is presented on first reading.       
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11.G. Consider approval of TEA Request for Maximum Class Size Waiver.
Description:  The Texas Education Agency requires each Local Education Agency to conduct a class enrollment survey of Kindergarten through Grade Four (K-4) no later than September 10, 2010. If any section in K-4 exceeds the class size ratio of 22:1, the school district must for a Request for Maximum Class Size Waiver. The Administration requests your approval to submit a TEA Request for Maximum Class Size Waiver for Crockett Elementary School and Seguin Elementary School.
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11.H. Closed Session per Texas Government Code.
11.I. Reconvene from Closed Session for action relative to items considered during Closed Session.
12. Adjournment
Description:  If, during the course of the meeting, discussion of any item on the agenda should be held in a closed meeting, the Board will conduct a closed meeting in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E. Before any closed meeting is convened the presiding officer will publicly identify the section or sections of the Act authorizing the closed meeting. All final votes, actions, or decisions will be taken in open meeting.
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