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February 11, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order and Declare a Quorum
2. Invocation and Pledge
3. PUBLIC FORUM:--All Persons Who Wish to Speak or Address the Board at This Time May do so by Completing the Registration Form Before the Meeting Begins.
4. Minutes of  Previous Meeting (December 17, 2020)
Presenter:  Patti Graham
5. Stephen Lee/Delinquent Taxes
Presenter:  Michael Smith
6. Crystal Smith Hardin County Appraisal District
Presenter:  Dr. Armstrong
7. Carla Pope Osborne - 2020 Property Value Study (PVS) Appeal 
Presenter:  Dr. Armstrong
8.A. Finance
Presenter:  Michael Smith
8.B. Safety
Presenter:  Mr. Lemons
8.C. Maintenance/Transportation
Presenter:  Elisabeth Smith
8.D. Cafeteria
Presenter:  Kathy Loftin
8.E. IT
Presenter:  Jana Watson
8.F. Athletics
Presenter:  Kenny Hoffpauir
8.G. Curriculum
Presenter:  D'Wanna Rasnick
8.H. High School Principal
Presenter:  Tiffany Merriwether
8.I. Elementary Principal
Presenter:  Teresa Camp
8.J. Report--Superintendent 
Presenter:  Jim Armstrong
9. Contract with Clayton and Associates
Presenter:  Dr. Armstrong
10. Ratify contract with Perdue, Brandon and Fielding for PVS appeal
Presenter:  Dr. Armstrong
11. Update 115 and 116
Presenter:  Dr. Armstrong
12. Lunch Prices  
Presenter:  Kathy Loftin
13. Administrator Contracts
Presenter:  Dr. Armstrong
Description:  Teresa Camp
Tiffany Merriwether
Michael Smith
Kenneth Hoffpauir
D'Wanna Rasnick
Amanda Atkinson
Jana Watson
14. Executive Session
Description:  The board will now go into closed session, as authorized by the Texas Open Meeting Act, Texas Government Code, Section 551, Subchapters D and E or Texas Government Code section 418.183(f)
14.A. Personnel
Presenter:  Dr. Armstrong

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