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May 18, 2020 at 10:00 AM - Teleconference Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
III. Adopt the Agenda
IV. Approval of Previous Minutes
V. Reports and Communication
VI. New Business
VI.A. Discuss and/or approve
VI.A.1. Payment of Bills 
VI.A.2. April Financials 
VI.A.3. Activity Funds Monthly Recap Report - April 
VI.A.4. Approval of the FY 19 Continuing Disclosure Statement prepared by Butler Snow 
VI.A.5. Approval of contract for professional services with St. Clair, CPA, PLLC
VI.A.6. Request to suspend policy BBBCB  - School Board Member Visit to Schools, due to COVID-19.
VI.A.7. Request to Purchase 3 Vans for CTE Program
VI.A.8. Donation Acceptance by the Child Nutrition Department from Renasant Bank 
VI.A.9. Request to approve donation acceptance by Mooreville Elementary School from P.I.A
VI.A.10. Request for approval of Glimpse K12 Memorandum of Agreement 
VI.A.11. Request for approval to purchase security system from Raptor Technologies for background checks for school visitors. 
VI.A.12. Request for approval to purchase online research platform from World Book
VI.A.13. Request to approve acceptance of a K-8 STEM Initiative Enhancement Grant 
VI.A.14. Request to advertise for bids, conduct a reverse auction and purchase equipment using K-8 STEM Initiative Enhancement Grant
VI.A.15. Request for approval of Head Start Partnership Agreement with Shannon Primary School 
VI.A.16. Request for approval of Head Start Partnership Agreement with Shannon Elementary School
VI.A.17. Request for approval of Head Start Partnership Agreement with Verona Elementary School 
VI.A.18. Request for approval of LifeCore Health Group Memorandum of Understanding 
VI.A.19. Request by the Transportation Department to purchase five buses 
VI.A.20. Request for approval of Tupelo Department of Parks and Recreation Facility Usage Agreement
VI.A.21. Request for approval of CTE Local Plan Updates and Program Change
VI.A.22. Request for approval of conversion and relocation of CTE Classes 
VI.B. Consent Agenda
VI.B.1. Fixed Asset Disposal Report 
VI.B.2. Fundraiser 
VI.C. Personnel 
VI.C.1. Pay Scales 2020-2021 
VI.C.2. Federal Programs Supplements 
VI.C.3. Special Education Supplements 
VI.C.4. Board Action Personnel 
VII. Adjourn
VIII. Other/Documents for Review 
VIII.A. Field summary notes provided by Les Nichols 
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