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September 14, 2020 at 5:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Roll Call and Establish a Quorum
4. Additional Items
5. Public Comment
6. Agenda
6.A. Consent Agenda:  Lance Swanson (2 minutes)
All items listed below are considered to be routine by the Crosslake Community School Board of Education and will be acted upon by one motion; however, any Board member may request that items on the Consent Agenda be removed from it for independent consideration. Any items so identified will be moved to the Action Item portion of the Agenda.
6.A.1. Board of Education Minutes from August 10, 2020 Board Meeting
6.A.2. Finance Meeting Minutes
6.A.3. EE Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.4. Community Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.5. Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.6. Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes
6.A.7. Personnel
Confirmation of Hires/Reassignments/Resignations
Shanna Anderson, Seat Based, Paraprofessional
Jill Burch, Online, Coach
Cassie Carey, Seat Based, Director of Nursing and Health Services
Deb Carlson, Online, Sped Paraprofessional
Mariah DaBill, Seat Based, Paraprofessional
Todd Endersbe, Online, Special Education Teacher
Mindy Glazer, Seat Based Academic Interventionist
Tammi Jacobsen, Seat Based Food Service Assistant
Jennifer Kuhlmann, Online, Sped. Paraprofessional
Toni LeBlanc, Seat Based Distance Learning Support Person
Morgan Lee, Online, Sped Paraprofessional
Jasmian Lies, Seat Based,Paraprofessional
Ann Marie Roisum, Seat Based, Food Service Assistant
Michaela Sperle, .Online, 2 Social Studies
Kristy Steele, Seat Based Paraprofessional
Mitch Swaggert, Online, Coach
Sophia Winter, Seat Based, Paraprofessional
Lisa Young, Seat Based, Paraprofessional
6.A.8. Food Service Reports
6.A.9. Resignation of Board Chair, Mitch Swaggert
6.A.10. Donations
Rad Royer, retired High School Science Teacher, donated 3 hardcover books, ImagineAll Are WelcomeShe Persisted Around the World
Donna Velasco donated hand-sewn masks for students and staff
Bill and Joan Grunewald, Up North Properties, donated backpacks and tennis shoes
Richard Roberts donated his time to build the picnic tables
Wells Fargo donated benches as a result of Kysa Corbett's involvement in CCS
Warren and Jolienne Lundqist donated boulders for the Boulder Classroom
Judy Schrader, donated school supplies
Mary Kline, donated school supplies
6.B. Greenleaf of Environmental Literacy - Cliff Skaggen
Fresh Air Classrooms
6.C. Action Items: Lance Swanson (5 minutes)
6.C.1. Nominate Chair of Board of Education
6.C.2. Elect Chair of Board of Education
6.C.3. Review and Approve July 2020 Financial Information
6.C.4. Appoint Cheryl Cole, Jodi Schott, and Jennifer Miller as Election Officials.
6.C.5. COVID Short-Term Disability
6.C.6. 2020-2021 School Calendar
6.C.7. School Forest Designation
6.D. Information/Discussion Items: (30 minutes)
6.D.1. Policy Review
419 Tobacco-Free Environment
502 Seach of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Posessions, and Student's Person
526 Hazing Prohibition
809  Face Covering Policy
6.D.2. Strategic Plan Realigment
6.D.3. Professional Development
Faculty and Staff
Board of Education - MSBA Virtual Charter School Board Workshop 10/13, 20, 27
Sharing of Professional Development Events
6.D.4. Zoom/Virtual Meetings
6.E. Reports: (55 minutes)
6.E.1. Executive Director Report: Cliff Skagen (5 minutes) 
Budgeted 20-21 enrollment is 293.
Budget ADM is 293.
Online enrollment is 217.
Seat-based enrollment is 142.
Total CCS enrollment is 359.
6.E.2. EE Committee Report: Lance Swanson (5 minutes)
6.E.3. Finance Committee Report: Beverly Loeffler (5 minutes)
6.E.4. Academic Performance/Assessment Results: Beverly Loeffler (5 minutes)
6.E.5. Wellness Committee: TBD (5 minutes)
6.E.6. Community Engagement Committee: Heidi O'Brien (5 minutes)
6.E.7. Marketing Committee: TBD (5 minutes)
6.E.8. Facilities Committee: Shane Gordon (5 minutes)
6.E.9. Director Evaluation Committee: TBD (5 minutes)
7. Authorizer Update:
7.A. Environmental Notes
7.B. Board Observation Feedback
7.C. Sounding Board
8. October  Meeting Preparation:  (5 minutes)
8.A. Suggestion for Discussion Topics for Next Meeting
8.B. Policy Review
513 Student Promotion, Retention, & Program Design
520 Student Surveys
532 Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Resolve with IEP's From School
Social Media Policy
9. Board Meeting Evaluation:
10. Adjourn the Regular Board of Education Meeting

Next regular Board of Education meeting is October 12, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.
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