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June 20, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to order
II. Public Forum
III. Consent Agenda:  Matters requiring board approval
III.A. Approve minutes of May 25, 2022 regular meeting and the June 13, 2022 called meeting and pay the bills.
III.B. Journal Voucher-if any
III.C. Student accident insurance
III.D. Auditor contract
III.E. Proposed cafeteria wage scale
IV. Executive session
IV.A. Discuss hiring Mari Del Castillo for art teacher
IV.B. Discuss any other teacher candidates
IV.C. School safety
V. Open Session
V.A. Action, if any, on Mari Del Castillo
V.B. Action, if any, on any other teacher candidates
VI. Matters for Discussion only 
VII. Administrative Reports
VII.A. Superintendent’s Report 
VII.B. Principal’s Reports
VII.B.1. Testing results
VII.C. Athletic Director Report 
VII.D. Special Programs Coordinator Report
VII.E. Technology Director Report
VII.E.1. CIPA Compliance
VII.E.2. Technology use policy
VIII. Board Concerns
IX. Adjourn
X. Invocation

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