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May 28, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Board Meeting

I. Call to Order/Adoption of Agenda: Action
II. Consent Agenda: Action
II.A. Approval of Claims:  Jim Wendt (please come in 15 minutes prior)
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II.B. Approval of April 22nd, 2020 Minutes
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II.C. Staff Updates:
II.C.1. Resignations:  Hailey Pottinger, ASD Teacher - Lake City; Megan Hanten, EL Teacher - RW
II.C.2. New Hire:  Deborah Griffin, Instructional Coach - ZM; Elizabeth Diggins, Work Based Learning Teacher - RBEC; Ryan Paulson, ASD/DCD Teacher - RBEC; Joni Schake, ASD/DCD Teacher - RBEC; Stephanie Schiltz, EBD Teacher - RBEC; Erica Cordes, ASD/DCD Teacher - RBEC; Tira Petersen, EBD Teacher - RBEC; Julie Braford, EBD Teacher - RBEC; Diane Jacobson, EL Teacher
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  Staff Updates include two resignations.  Hailey Pottinger was a paraprofessional at RBEC who completed her teacher license mid year.  LC was in need of a teacher and she was transferred to LC.  She will be working for LC as a special education teacher under their contract beginning next year.  Megan Hanten accepted a special education teaching position in RW.

Deborah Griffin and Diane Jacobson are new to us.  The remaining new hires are staff that were nonrenewed by GCED and are now being rehired.
II.C.3. Transfers:   
II.C.4. Re-assignment:   
III. Public Input: 
IV. Reports and Communication:
IV.A. Business Manager Report
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IV.B. HIPPA Compliant Platform
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  In order to access MA Billing, our therapists must conduct teletherapy using a HIPPA compliant platform.  GCED staff are currently using the Educator Zoom platform.  Zoom has a HIPAA enabled plan that starts at $200 per month per account.  This plan comes with 10 hosts.

We have 19 therapists currently.
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IV.C. Fall Professional Development Plans
IV.D. FY20 Q-Comp Update
Presenter:  Jillynne Raymond
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IV.E. COVID-19 Response Plan
V. Old Business: 
V.A. Distance Learning Plan Update & Absence Protocol
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V.B. RBEC Staffing Update
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  In the initial staffing recommendations, a paraprofessional position was missed.  We are asking the board to consider approval of this position.
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VI. New Business:
VI.A. FY21 Budget
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VI.B. 1st Reading of Mandatory Policies
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VI.C. School Resource Officer Agreement
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  In 2019, the City of Red Wing entered into a four year SRO contract with the Goodhue County Education District.  The contracts provide for a cost share between the District and the City based on the actual salary and benefits costs of the assigned officers.  Due to a promotion and personnel changes in the Red Wing Police Department, the SRO dollars have changed.

Discussion: The only changes to the SRO contracts is the cost sharing for the District and the City of Red Wing. The contract costs includes a 2% increase each year.

Goodhue County Education District contract calls for a 60/40, District/City cost sharing.  The total cost (salary and benefits) estimate of the previous GCED SRO is $123,412.07, the new officer assigned to GCED cost estimate is $100,180.24 creating a total cost difference of ($23,231.83). 
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VI.D. Letter of Agreement Addressing Alternative Teacher Pay and Teacher Development and Evaluation During Peacetime Emergency
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  The Agreement is effective upon execution by both parties and expires on June 30, 2020.

The Agreement contemplates recently updated guidance from MDE on the general topic of TDE/Q Comp.

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VI.E. Administrative Assistant Agreement
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  The Negotiation Committee met on May 13, 2020.  Recommendation for a 2% salary increase on this agreement.  Other areas of change include aligning Bereavement Language and the Tax-Deferred Matching Contribution plan to other education district agreements.
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VI.F. Support Staff Agreement
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  The Negotiation Committee met on May 13, 2020.  Recommendation for a 2% salary increase on this agreement.  Other areas of change include aligning Bereavement Language, increasing health insurance contribution and removing longevity language. 
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VI.G. Leadership Agreement
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  The Negotiation Committee met on May 13, 2020.  Recommendation for a 2% salary increase on this agreement.  Other area of change included aligning Bereavement Language.
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VI.H. Evaluation Forms
Description:  C Johnson reached out to the superintendents to ask for copies of their evaluation forms.  Attached are the forms that have been submitted.  Also attached are examples of other like positions from across the state.
VI.I. Goodhue County HHS Contracts
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  Our approach has been to provide integrated mental health and education programs and services that encompass efforts to promote positive development, prevent problems, and to offer access to and coordination of diagnostic and treatment services. In this system student support personnel, such as school psychologists, social workers, school nurses, and school counselors, services are woven together with community resources and incorporated with the instructional efforts of the school to promote healthy development.
The benefits we see are
improved functioning/reduction of symptoms of children with a mental health disorder, which reduces barriers to learning
improved accessibility to mental health services
improved school climate towards mental health issues, and
enhanced opportunities for funding

There are approximately 120 students currently enrolled in our behavioral support programs.  The cost to the county if these programs our boards have created would be in excess of 3.5 million for the residential portion and a conservative estimate of 2.1 for the educational portion of their programming.
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VI.J. Hoonuit Renewal & Trending PD Topics
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  GCED has utilized Hoonuit for five years.  The recent advent of our virtual instruction and additional professional development has increased our use of this platform.  
VI.K. GASB 75 Valuation Report
Presenter:  C Johnson
Description:  Attached is the actuarial valuation of the other post employment benefit plans for the Goodhue County Education District as of July 1, 2019 which enables the plan sponsor to satisfy the accounting requirements under Statements of Governmental Accounting Standards No. 75. The results of the valuation set forth in this report reflect the provisions of the plan communicated to Hildi, Inc. through July 1, 2019. 
VII. Other:
VIII. Comments: Board/Director
IX. Next Meeting Date:  June 25, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the River Bluff Education Center in Red Wing.
X. Adjournment
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