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October 12, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call To Order
Presenter:  Board President
2. Roll Call
Presenter:  Board President
2.A. Invocation
Presenter:  Gloria Torres
2.B. Pledge: 
Presenter:  Sandra Gorden
2.C. Mission Statement
Presenter:  Ross Hendershot, III
Description:  Gonzales Independent School District is committed to a spirit of excellence in caring service and partnerships that equip students for continous learning supporting resilience in achieving personal aspiration, and compassionate and dynamic citizenship in an ever changing world.
3. Public Comments
Presenter:  Board President
4. Recognitions

Presenter:  John Schumacher, Supt. & Robin Trojcak PR Dept.
Description:  Community Recognitions:
Mr. Jaimie Erickson from Benny Boyd of Gonzales &
Ms. Joann Leifeste "Come & Take It Prints".

Staff Recognitions:
HR Department -Haley Ratliff Chief HR Officer and Staff 
Finance Dept:  Ashley Wilke, Business Manager
5. New Business/Action Items
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
5.A. Consent Agenda

Discuss and Consider Action to approve the Consent Agenda
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Supt.
5.A.1. Minutes of Meetings:  September 14, 2020 Regular Board Minutes
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Supt.
5.A.2. Budget Amendments:
Presenter:  Amanda Smith, CFO
5.B. Discuss and Consider action to approve the 2020 Tax Roll Per Section 26.09 Texas Property Tax Code
Presenter:  Amanda Smith, CFO
Description:  Crystal Cedillo, Gonzales County Tax Assessor-Collector, has submitted the 2020 final roll report for review and approval.  The 2020 final roll report (which includes the levy totals) has been included on the next page.

Superintendent Recommendation:  Approve
5.C. Discuss and Consider action Regarding a Division Order for EOG Resources, Inc. with the Property Described as the Dottie Unit, Consisting of 602.02 acres, more or less, located in the Joseph Dillard Survey, abstract 177 of Gonzales County, Texas, being Described in the Designation of Dottie Unit filled in Gonzales County (Volum 1140, Page 276)
Presenter:  Amanda Smith, CFO
Description:  The district previously executed an oil division order with EOG for the same interest in April 2015 and August 2018.  EOG has again asked to update the documentation on file.  The division order received from EOG was revised and it is the revised version which is being presented for consideration.

Superintendents Recommendation: APPROVE
6. Reports
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
6.A. Financial Report
Presenter:  Amanda Smith, CFO
Description:  Subject: Financial Report

Rational Summary: Administration will provide the board with an update on the district's finances.

Superintendents Recommendation: NA

6.B. Gonzales County Letter Regarding a Public Hearing on Rezoning
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  The district has received notice that the districts property located at Seydler has been identified as a property owner within 200 feet of an area being considered for a rezoning.  The City Counsel Encourages citizens to participate in the public comment and public hearing process for all applications for zoning or rezoning before the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council meet. The district has been asked to respond whether the district has objections or comments or No objections of the Rezoning consideration.

(letter is attached for your view.)
6.C. Superintendent Report
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  Information provided by the Superintendent is designed to keep the Board of Trustees informed regarding daily operations of the school district.

A) Asynchronous Plan
B) Student Enrollment and Attendance Update
C) Bilingual / ESL Report
D) District Health Report
E) Campus Improvement Plan Reports
7. Board Business
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  Superitnedent will share dates of interest with the board
7.A. Board Correspondence
7.B. Dates of Interest
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  Information provided through the Board Business section of the agenda aimed at keeping trustees informed of routine correspondence.
8. Personnel Matters: Section 551.074 , Property Matters: Section 551.072, & Security Matters: Section 551.076 
Presenter:  John Schumacher, Superintendent
Description:  Personnel matters will include:
A) Resignations
B) New Positions
C) New Hires
D) Safety and Security Audit Confidential Report
9. Adjourn
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