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July 26, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

I. Opening Ceremony (Roll Call)
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. President’s Comments
IV. Approval of Minutes
IV.A. Approve Minutes of Regular Meeting of June 21, 2021 and Special Meeting of July 20, 2021
V. Superintendent’s Report
VI. Curriculum / Reports
VII. Correspondence
VIII. Opportunity for Citizens to Speak (Agenda items only)
IX. Items for Action
IX.A. Board of Education
IX.A.1. Accept Gifts from Donors and Acknowledge Grants
IX.A.2. Designate Electronic Transfer Officer
IX.A.3. Adopt Banking Resolution
IX.A.4. Appointment of Legal Counsel
IX.A.5. Appointment of District Auditor
IX.A.6. Approve Resolution for Board of Education Meeting Dates, January 2022 - December 2023
IX.B. Division for Business Services
IX.B.1. Receive and Review Presentation of Bills Report
IX.B.2. Approve Reimbursement to General Fund
IX.B.3. Approve Contract Between the Port Huron Area School District and the Port Huron Education Association
IX.B.4. Approve Contract Between the Port Huron Area School District and the Building Administrators Association
IX.B.5. Approve Purchase of Replacement Chromebook Cases
IX.C. Division for Instructional Services
IX.C.1. Approve Personnel Changes
IX.C.2. Approve 2021-2022 Athletic Handbook
X. Items for Information
X.A. First Reading of Board Bylaw Revisions 
X.A.1. NEW - 0166.1 - Consent Agenda
X.A.2. 0167.3 - Public Participation at Board Meetings
XI. Opportunity for Citizens to Speak
XII. Board Comments
XIII. Adjournment
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