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September 28, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
          Pledge of Allegiance
2. Approval of the minutes from the Regular Board meeting held on August 24, 2020 and the Special Board meeting held on September 9, 2020.
3. Introductions/Presentations
  • Board Member Recognition-James Preisel  (Sharon Muir)
  • Welcome Dr. Laura Zelenak - (Sharon Muir)
  • New Borland 4th Grade Teacher - Emily Bentley (Megan Cottone)
4. Public Comments
This is a time for the public to make comments during the meeting. When making comments, please state your name and then direct your comments to the President of the Imlay City Board of Education. This meeting is a meeting of the Board of Education in public for the purpose of conducting the School District's business and is not to be considered a public community meeting.  Comments are limited to a maximum of five minutes per person.
5. Approval of the Bills in the Amount of $435,274.72
  • General Fund...................$413,464.96
  • Lunch Fund......................$21,809.76
6. Approval of the Capital Projects Bills in the amount of $143,150.63.
7. Financial Report - Amy Swantek
  • Capital Projects Report
8. Curriculum/Instruction Report - No Report.
9. Administrative Report - Dr. Stu Cameron
  • Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan
  • Superintendent Goals
10. Committee Appointments
11. Board Committee Reports
  • Budget/Finance - Doug Van Dyk
  • Buildings/Grounds - Greg Dennis
  • Curriculum/School Improvement - Ashley Whiting
  • Personnel/Policy - Marcel Lamb
  • Athletics - Kaylee Kaeding
12. Informational Items - None
12.1. Employee Resignations
13. Hearing Items - None
14. Action Items
14.1. Employment Contract
14.2. Approval of New, Revised, and Replacement Board Policies (2nd Reading)
14.3. Adoption of Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan
14.4. Term Renewal of Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Representative
15. Board Sharing
16. Adjournment of Regular Board Meeting

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