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August 24, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of the minutes of the Fiscal Organizational Meeting and the Regular Meeting on July 6, 2015.
3. Introductions/Presentations
3.1. Early Learning Center – Devon Caudill
3.2. Early Learning Center Promotional Video – Stu Cameron
3.3. STEM Accreditation and STEM Initiatives – Stu Cameron
STEM Integration Team
     •  Stu Cameron, STEM Coordinator
     •  Bill Kalmar, Ph.D., High School Principal
     •  Pat Brown, Middle School Principal
     •  Tom DeClark, ICHS  Science Department Chairperson (STEM Coach)
     •  Chad Halsted, ICHS Math Department Chairperson (STEM Coach)
     •  Juliann Kent, ICMS Science Department Chairperson (STEM Coach)
     •  Tom Schaefer, ICMS Math Department Chairperson
     •  Kim Perreault, ICMS 8th Grade Science Teacher
     •  Shayne Hellebuyck, ICMS Technology Teacher
     •  Lisa Grout, ICMS 7th Grade Math Teacher
4. Public Comments
This is a time for the public to make comments during the meeting.  When making comments, please state your name and then direct your comments to the President of the Imlay City Board of Education.  Comments are limited to a maximum of five minutes per person.
5. Approval of Bills in the Amount of $1,133,885.57
5.1. General Fund...........................$1,113,835.91
5.2. Lunch Fund...................................$20,049.66
6. Financial Report - Amy Swantek
7. Curriculum/Instruction Report - None
8. Administrative Reports
8.1. Athletics - Don Gauthier
8.2. Operations - Deby Smith
9. Board Committee Reports
9.1. Budget/Finance - Doug Van Dyk (temporary chair)
9.2. Buildings/Grounds - Greg Dennis
9.3. Curriculum/School Improvement - Dave Spoelma
9.4. Personnel/Policy - Steve Plunkitt
9.5. Athletics - Doug Van Dyk
10. Informational Items
10.1. Employee Resignation
10.2. Employee Resignation
10.3. Closed Session: Collective Bargaining
11. Hearing Items - None
12. Action Items
12.1. Tentative Agreement: Imlay City Federation of Teachers
12.2. Tentative Agreement: Unit A of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees
12.3. Tentative Agreement: Unit B of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees
12.4. Tentative Agreement: Imlay City Administrators
12.5. At-Will Employee Compensation
12.6. Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction Compensation
12.7. School Loan Revolving Fund borrowing Resolution
12.8. Revised 2015-16 District Calendar
13. Closing Announcements
14. Adjournment

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