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April 27, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of the minutes of the Regular Meeting on March 23, 2015.
3. Introductions/Presentations
3.1. Flint Regional Science Fair Finalists - Jill Campbell/Dave Spence (Dina Tallis)
•  Joseph Smith (6th place) - What Material Blocks a Wi-Fi Signal?
•  Angelique Perreault (6th place) - Does Age Affect Human Reaction Times?
•  Will Felder (6th place) - Does Pop Have Bad Effects on Your Body?
•  John Nerkowski (6th place) - What Kind of Soil Creates the Most Power in a Microbial Fuel Cell?
•  John Knezevich (6th place) - How Does Corrosion Affect Salt Water and Sea Life?
•  Brendan Kanai (3rd place) - Does a Basketball Heat Up When It Is Bounced?
•  Olivia Wimpari (2nd place) - Good Vibrations
3.2. Green School Recognition - Borland Elementary School (Dina Tallis)
3.3. Four County Community Foundation (FCCF) Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) Needs Assessment Survey Results - Reid Bannister, Wyatt Bannister, Nick Sears, and Carly Livingston (Bill Kalmar)
4. Public Comments
This is a time for the public to make comments during the meeting. When making comments, please state your name and then direct your comments to the President of the Imlay City Board of Education. Comments are limited to a maximum of five minutes per person.
5. Approval of Bills in the Amount of $573,734.03
5.1. General Fund...............$521,678.80
5.2. Lunch Fund.…..............$52,055.23
6. Financial Report - Doug Van Dyk
7. Curriculum/Instruction Report - None
8. Administrative Reports
8.1. Techology - Trevor Kaeding
9. Board Committee Reports
9.1. Budget/Finance - Doug Van Dyk (temporary chair)
9.2. Buildings/Grounds - Dan Campbell
9.3. Curriculum/School Improvement - Dave Spoelma
9.4. Personnel/Policy - Steve Plunkitt
9.5. Athletics - Dan Campbell
10. Informational Items
10.1. Continued Disclosure Compliance Policy and Resolution
10.2. Code of Conduct for Student Athletes
10.3. Lapeer County Intermediate School District (LCISD) Biennial Election
11. Hearing Items - None
12. Action Items
12.1. Boys' Basketball Camp Overnight Trips
12.2. Cross Country Camp Overnight Trip
12.3. Lapeer County Intermediate School District (LCISD) Annual Meeting Representative
12.4. Lapeer County Intermediate School District (LCISD) 2015-16 General Fund Budget Resolution
12.5. 2015-2016 District Calendar
12.6. 2015-2016 Balanced Calendar
13. Closing Announcements
14. Adjournment

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