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January 21, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  Brad Hinton
2. Invocation
3. Pledge of Allegiance
Presenter:  Brad Hinton / Doug Neff
4. Consider and take action to approve the resignation of Snyder ISD Board Member Brad Hinton
Description:  Mr. Hinton will be moving out of his elected district and is therefore required to resign from his position as a Snyder ISD board member. Since this resignation is being submitted less than 180 days before the next regularly scheduled election May 1, 2021 the board has two options regarding filling the vacant board position created by the Mr. Hinton's resignation: 1) Leave the seat vacant until the regular election in May or 2) appoint someone to fill the vacanct seat until the next regular election ln May. 

It is recommended that the board take action to approve Mr. Hinton's resignation.
5. School Board Appreciation Month 
6. Open Forum / Public Comments
7. Consent Agenda
Presenter:  Dr. Eddie Bland, Ed.D.
Description:  Action Required
7.A. Minutes from Regular Meeting December 10, 2020 and Special Meeting December 18, 2020
7.B. Financial Items
Presenter:  Morgan Preston
7.C. Accounts Payable
7.D. Approve annual report of management fees under certain Cooperative Purchasing Contracts as required by Education Code § Sec. 44.0331(b)
Presenter:  Morgan Preston
7.E. Approve $5,000 donation from Snyder Tiger Football Booster Club. 
Presenter:  Morgan Preston
8. Snyder ISD Academics and Lone Star Governance Report
8.A. LSG Monthly Academic Update
Goals 2,5
GPM 2.1, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
Presenter:  Rachael McClain
Description:  The monthly monitoring report will share the current status of student outcomes in math as related to the progress towards annual board goals.  
8.B. LSG Quarterly Board Review
Presenter:  Rachael McClain
Description:  As part of the LSG process, the board commits to quarterly evaluations of the previous meetings with a review of minutes and board actions as measured by the LSG evaluation rubric and time tracking documents.
8.C. Special Education Program Review
Presenter:  Matthew Nelson
Description:  Annually a review of the special education and 504 programs is presented to the board with information regarding student enrollment, disability profile, and student outcomes.
9. Executive Session (G1-G4)
The Board may go into closed session in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act,     Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E. Before any closed meeting is convened, the presiding officer will publicly identify the section or sections of the Act authorizing the closed meeting. All final votes, actions, or decisions will be taken in an open meeting. 
10. Reconvene from Closed Session
11. Action Agenda
12. Information
12.A. Chromebook licenses
Presenter:  Jeff McGinnis
Description:  Chromebooks require a perpetual license to operate, which was originally approved with the summer orders.  With te additional devices purchased on Amazon we still need to purchase 700 student licenses and 200 faculty licenses.  
12.B. Core Servers
Presenter:  Jeff McGinnis
Description:  VThe last server upgrade for the district’s servers was in 2012.  Nearly all the 60 servers we currently run are housed in one large server chassis using shared drive space.  The main system hosted inhouse is Skyward, but also includes many other servers.  We are seeking quotes to replace and modernize the core servers that serve the district’s students/faculty.   I expect the combination of server and drive space to come in close to $120,000.  We will be responsible for 100% of the accepted cost.  We will bring back proposals next month.
12.C. Discuss Snyder ISD plan for expenditures of E-Rate expenditures.
Presenter:  Jeff McGinnis
Description:  It is time to file for E-rate for the July 2021-June 2022 year.  We will file a 471 and open up for proposals to upgrade essential network backbone systems.  Starting with this cycle, we will be allocated $167 per student for 5 years.  Example: 2700 students x $167 = $450,900.  We will take approximately 1/5 ($90,180) of the total upgrade allocation each year.  We will be responsible for 20% of the project matching yearly, making each annual purchase approximately $113,000.  We will bring back a proposal for year one expenditures later this year. The plan will include information regarding acceptaple E-rate expenditures and the 5 year plan for the district.
12.D. TASB Policy update 116
Description:  Beginning with Update 116, Policy Service will have a newly redesigned publication, Local Policy Overview, in both video(link below) and written document formats (attached). The Local Policy Overview replaces Vantage Points, previously provided on yellow paper in mailed update packets and available online.

12.E. Potential Charter Partnership Expansion
Presenter:  Rachael McClain
Description:  As discussed last summer, Snyder ISD has a potential charter expansion opportunity with our current operating partner Responsive Education Solutions.  The potential expansion would allow for the creation of an alternative education high school campus targeting at-risk students in drop-out prevention and/or recovery programs.  Responsive Education Solutions offers a Premier Academy program targeting the needs of an at-risk student population.  Locations of other Premier Academies can be accessed here.  A close-up look at the Brownwood Premier Academy may be accessed here.

Annually, SHS has a number of students withdraw to attend home school and/or online credit attainment programs.  The establishment of a campus to support this population of students in a supportive educational environment would provide a pathway to a diploma for a large group of current and former students. 

An application from Responsive Education has been submitted and will be reviewed by an evaluation team consisting of district and community stakeholders.  The team will review the application, complete a capacity interview, and make a recommendation to the district which will be presented to the Board of Trustees in February to consider or disregard the potential partnership expansion.  Should the board opt to pursue a partnership expansion, an operating contract would be presented to the board by March.
12.F. 2021-2022 School Calendar
Description:  We will begin working on school calendar for next year with the DEIC. Currently there is still state funding available to pay for 30 days of additional summer instruction if we adopt a 180 day instructional calendar. Early last summer we amended the calendar for this year to 180 days of instruction for that reason, but later amended again because of COVID-19. As expected, our academic data is showing that we are running  behind 2019-2020 pre COVID-19 closure date data last spring. A 180 day calendar could provide a funded opportunity to recover from this COVID-19 year. We will bring information back to the board in February about the progress and then plan to bring a calendar for board approval in March.
12.G. Pre-Kindergarten Materials Adoption Committee

Presenter:  Rachael McClain
Description:  Proclamation 2021 provides for the adoption of new English and Spanish Pre-K curriculum.  To review materials available, the following Snyder ISD staff members will research options and make a recommendation to the SISD Board of Trustees for adoption.  The members of the PK Curriculum committee are as follows:

Canita Rhodes, SPS Principal
Courtney Boyd, Elementary Math and STEM Coordinator
Melinda Dominguez, SPS Bilingual PK Teacher
Robin Downing, SPS PK Teacher
Connie Ragan, SPS PK Teacher
Monica Carrillo, SPS PPCD Teacher.

The committee will review materials and present their recommendations for adoption to the board in the next few months for implementation during the 21-22 school year.
12.H. Chromebook  repair parts
Presenter:  Jeff McGinnis
Description:  Historically Snyder ISD, like many districts, has assessed students a fee for the use of district owned district technology devices. Beginning this year the TEA is disallowing these types of fee assessments. We're not sure if this will continue in the future. We normally collect between $26,000 and $52,000 annually. We entered the year with about $26,000 in the technology repair account. We have exhausted that account and will have additional expenses durig this year. We will be bringing back a Chromebook repair expenditure plan for the remainder of the year for board approval. 
13. Superintendent's Report 
Presenter:  Eddie Bland, Ed.D.
13.A. January enrollment comparison
13.B. Regular Board Meeting- February 11, 2021
13.C. Superintendent Evaluation in February
Description:  We just need to decide if you want to do it during regular meeting, or set a date for a special meeting.
14. Adjourn
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