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December 9, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call Meeting to Order
I.a. Attendance
II. Motion to approve the agenda/table file
II.a. Approval of the minutes from the November 18th, 2020 Regular Board Meeting
III. Recognition of visitors
IV. Announcements and Recognitions
IV.a. Employees of the Semester
V. Items for Discussion
V.a. First Reading
V.a.i. Policy 524 Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy
V.b. Second Reading
V.b.i. Policy 416 - Drug and Alcohol Testing
V.b.ii. Policy 417 - Chemical Use and Abuse
V.b.iii. Policy 432 - Hastings Employee Social Media
V.b.iv. Policy 536 - Gender Inclusion Policy
V.b.v. Policy 601 - School District Curriculum and Instruction Goals Policy 603 - Curriculum Development
V.b.vii. Policy 606 - Textbooks and Instructional Materials
V.b.viii. Policy 607 - Organization of Grade Levels
V.c. 2021 School Board Meeting Calendar
VI. Administrative Reports
VI.a. Superintendent
VI.b. Student Enrollment
VI.c. World's Best Workforce
VI.d. Truth in Taxation
VI.e. Policy Committee
VII. Action Items
VII.a. Consent Agenda
VII.a.i. Personnel Report
VII.b. Items for Individual Action
VII.b.i. 20-21 Revised Budget
Attachments: (1)
VII.b.ii. 21-22 Budget Adjustments
VII.b.iii. 2020 Payable 2021 Levy
VII.b.iv. Policies for Approval
VII.b.iv.1. Policy 416
VII.b.iv.2. Policy 432
VII.b.iv.3. Policy 536
Description:  Motion to approve Policy 536
VII.b.iv.4. Policy 601
VII.b.iv.5. Policy 603
VII.b.iv.6. Policy 606
VII.b.iv.7. Policy 607
VIII. Future Meetings
Attachments: (1)
IX. Adjournment
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