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April 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Invocation and Pledges
2. Establishment of Quorum, Call to Order
3. Recognition
Presenter:  Steven Snell
3.a) Champions of the Month
3.a)a. Student of the Month
3.a)a.a. Liberty Hill Elementary - Charlotte Creel
Bill Burden Elementary - Norah Davidson
Louine Noble Elementary - Kaddison Stein
Rancho Sienna Elementary - Harrison Skonnord
Santa Rita Elementary - Kai Kubota
Liberty Hill Middle School - Emily Keuneke
Santa Rita Middle School - Josiah Smith
Liberty Hill High School - Will Eckford
3.a)b. Teacher of the Month - Danielle Culliton - Santa Rita Elementary
3.a)c. Staff Member of the Month - Lesley Jordan - Liberty Hill Middle School
3.b) TASBO Award of Merit for Purchasing Operations presented to Rosanna Guerrero, Chief Financial Officer & Martha Vance, Purchasing Coordinator
3.c) UIL - VASE - Visual Arts Scholastic Event - Coached by Ms. Barnes
  Audrey Hillam - Division 4
  Lyra Smith-Boyd - Division 3
3.d) UIL - STATE - Girl's Powerlifting - Coach Acevedo and Coach Hall
  Charlie Harris, Brennan Huddleston, Elise Eckford, and Alyssa Sprinkle
3.e) UIL - STATE - Boy's Powerlifting - Coach Acevedo and Coach Hall
  Will Eckford
4. Audience with individuals or committees making a report or request. We will open the meeting to Public Comments. The Board welcomes the public and its comments. We ask you to refrain from comments about any District employees without proper due process. Each speaker will be allowed three (3) minutes to express his/her comments. Opinions expressed by speakers do not necessarily reflect those of the Board of Trustees or the Administration.
5. Budget Workshop presented by CFO Rosanna Guerrero
6. Communication and Information Items
6.a) Updates from Superintendent Steve Snell
6.a)a. Monthly Police Reports
6.b) Attendance Boundary Discussion and Update - Mr. Snell & Mr. Washburn
7. Consent Agenda
7.a) Minutes of the Previous Board Meeting
7.b) Explanatory Note/Rationale
7.b)a. Tax Collection Summary
7.b)b. Cash Position and Investment Report
7.b)c. Finance Summary Report
7.b)d. Budget Amendment
7.b)e. Purchases over $50,000
7.b)f. Bond Status Reports
7.b)g. Food Service Report
7.b)h. Enrollment Report
7.b)i. Accept Donations
7.c) Purchasing Cooperatives and Interlocal Agreements
7.d) Consideration and possible approval of the Certification that LHISD has instructional materials that cover all elements of the essential knowledge and skills of the required curriculum, other than physical education, for each grade level as required in the Texas Education Code, Section 28.002
8. Action Items
8.a) Consideration and possible action on Purchasing Portable Buildings
8.b) Consideration and possible action approving material testing for Liberty Hill Elementary, Noble Elementary, and Santa Rita Middle School projects funded by the 2021 Bond program
8.c) Consideration and possible action on Awarding Guaranteed Maximum Price #1 for Elementary #6 as part of the 2021 Bond Program
8.d) Consideration and possible action Awarding Guaranteed Maximum Price #2 for the High School Stadium Expansion project as part of the 2021 Bond Program
8.e) Consideration and possible action on a Resolution authorizing an employee retention stipend
8.f) Consideration and possible action approving the purchase of a video board at Panther Stadium
9. Adjourn to Closed Session: (The Board may recess into Closed Session for purposes permitted by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Tex. Gov't Code Sections 551.001 et seq., 551.071 (private consultation with attorney), 551.072, 551.073, 551.074, 551.075, 551.076, 551.082, 551.083, 551.084)
10. Return to Open Session and Take Action if needed on Closed Session Items
10.a) Possible Action on Personnel
10.a)a. Consideration and possible action renewing professional/teacher contracts
10.a)b. Consideration and possible action approving additional positions
10.a)c. Consideration and possible action accepting resignations
10.a)d. Consideration and possible action employing personnel
11. Board President Comments
11.a) Continuing Education for Board Members Report from TASB
11.b) TASB - Summer Leadership Conference in San Antonio - June 15 - June 18, 2022
11.c) Next Regular Board Meeting will be Monday, May 16, 2022
12. Adjournment

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