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March 22, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Invocation and Pledges
2. Establishment of Quorum, Call to Order
3. Recognition
3.a) Champions of the Month
3.a)a. Student of the Month
3.a)a.a. Liberty Hill Elementary - Leo Saarinen
Bill Burden Elementary - Isaiah Perez
Rancho Sienna Elementary - Kellan Black
Santa Rita Elementary - Avery Hejl
Liberty Hill Intermediate - Jaxon Hohnstreiter
Liberty Hill Junior High - Perla Rocha
Liberty Hill High School - Cassidy Sandlin
3.a)b. Teacher of the Month - Dimitra Becker - Liberty Hill Intermediate
3.a)c. Staff Member of the Month - Judy Espinoza - Liberty Hill Elementary
3.b) UIL State - Cross-Examination Debate
     Cassidy Sudekum and Kaitlyn Brooks
     Coach:  Ms. Ballard
3.c) UIL State - TAFE - Texas Association of Future Educators
     Inside Our Schools: Cami McVan, Tyara Jones, & Mallory Mahan
     Researching Learning Challenges: Natalie Reveile, Keely Davis, & Jai Lynn Jittlertmongkol
     Impromptu Speaking: Selina Culp
     Chapter Yearbook: Brooke Becker & Autumn Horton
     Essential Learning Fundamentals Test: - Morgan Coleman, Reagan Hoyt, Cami McVan, Selina Culp & Tyara Jones
     Coach: Mrs. Brown
3.d) UIL State - DECA  - Distributive Education Clubs of America
     Entrepreneurship & Team Decision Making Event - Leroy Fick & Lane Shaw
     Integrated Marketing Campaign Event - Ashleigh Dubbs & Peyton Lilienthal
     Project Management Community Awareness Event - Analysa Caskey & Cassidy Sudekum
     Entrepreneurship Start-Up - Neiry Samaniego
     Coaches: Ms. Webb & Mrs. Tedder
4. Audience with individuals or committees making a report or request. We will open the meeting to Public Comments. The Board welcomes the public and its comments. We ask you to refrain from comments about any District employees without proper due process. Each speaker will be allowed three (3) minutes to express his/her comments. Opinions expressed by speakers do not necessarily reflect those of the Board of Trustees or the Administration.
5. Communication and Information Items
5.a) Updates from Superintendent Steve Snell
5.a)a. Monthly Police Reports
5.a)b. COVID-19 Update
5.a)c. Bond Communication Update
5.a)d. Region 13 - Board of Directors Election 2021
5.b) Construction Update presented by Casey Sledge
6. Consent Agenda
6.a) Minutes of the Previous Board Meeting
6.b) Explanatory Note/Rationale
6.b)a. Tax Collection Summary
6.b)b. Cash Position and Investment Report
6.b)c. Finance Summary Report
6.b)d. Budget Amendments
6.b)e. Purchases over $50,000
6.b)f. Bond Status Report
6.b)g. Enrollment Report
6.b)h. Donations
6.c) Consideration and possible approval of a Joint Election Agreement and Election Services Contract with Williamson County Elections Office
7. Action Items
7.a) Consideration and possible action of the 2021-2022 school year calendar presented by Mr. Bob Mabry
7.b) Consideration and possible action of attendance zones for Liberty Hill ISD Elementary Schools
7.c) Consideration and possible action on approving Santa Rita Middle School furniture
7.d) Consideration and possible action on approving the waiver of missed school days related to the February 2021 ice/snow storm
7.e) Consideration and possible action with COVID-19 safety protocols
8. Adjourn to Closed Session: (The Board may recess into Closed Session for purposes permitted by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Tex. Gov't Code Sections 551.001 et seq., 551.071 (private consultation with attorney), 551.072, 551.073, 551.074, 551.075, 551.076, 551.082, 551.083, 551.084)
     551.072 - Discussion of purchase, exchange, lease or value of real property
     551.074 - Discussion of personnel and administrative contracts
9. Return to Open Session and Take Action if needed on Closed Session Items
9.a) Consideration and possible action on approving the contract to purchase a tract of unimproved land containing 25 acres, such being a part of a 33.08-acre parcel described in Williamson County Appraisal District R543364 with street address  HWY 29, Liberty Hill, Williamson County, TX 78642 and further authorize the Superintendent or designee to take all other appropriate and necessary actions to conduct due diligence on the property, with final approval by the Board to occur prior to closing a tract of land and subject to the approval of the May 2021 bond program.
9.b) Possible Action on Personnel
9.b)a. Consideration and possible action on approving Administrative contracts
9.b)b. Consideration and possible action on additional positions
9.b)c. Consideration and possible action on accepting resignations
9.b)d. Consideration and possible action on employing personnel
9.b)d.a. Consideration and possible action on approving the Liberty Hill ISD Band Director
10. Board President Comments
10.a) Next Board Meeting will be Monday, April 19, 2021
10.b) * TASB - Summer Leadership in San Antonio - June 16-19 - Marriott Rivercenter - In person only
* TASB - Summer Leadership in Ft. Worth - June 23-26 - Omni & Virtual Conference
* TXEDCON in Dallas - September 24-26
11. Adjournment
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