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January 25, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Special City Council Meeting

1. Call to order; Pledge of Allegiance; Establishment of Quorum
2. Open Forum:
All matters listed under the CONSENT AGENDA are considered routine and will be enacted in one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member(s) of the City Council requests one or more items be removed from the CONSENT AGENDA to the REGULAR AGENDA for separate discussion and action prior to the City Council's vote to adopt the CONSENT AGENDA.
3. Approval of Minutes from:
Description:  1/12/2021 Regular City Council Meeting.
Attachments: (1)
4. Discussion and Action:
Presenter:  Mayor/Finance Director
Description:  On the approval of the City's Investment Policy.
5. Request to Excuse Absent Council Members:
Presenter:  Mayor/CIP Manager
Description:  On providing information and getting comments from the general public and Horizon citizens on the proposed development of the Municipal Facilities Phase 1 project (Police Department and Public Works Department facilities and temporary Municipal Court and City Council Chambers), and on the economic and environmental impact, service area and alternatives to the project.

7. Discussion and Action:
Presenter:  Mayor/CIP Manager
Description:  On a professional services agreement with Arcadis, U.S., Inc. for on-call environmental services for Town CIP projects.
8. Discussion and Action:
Presenter:  Mayor/Planning Director
Description:  This item was postponed at the 12/8/20 and 1/12/21 Regular City Council Meetings.
On the final subdivision application for the Horizon Town Center Unit Two subdivision (SUB002455-2020; 4th submittal), legally described as being a portion of CD Stewart Survey No. 321, Town of Horizon City, El Paso County, Texas and authorizing the Mayor to finalize negotiations on and execute the Developer Participation Agreement for the parkland dedication requirements and the Subdivision Construction Agreement. Application submitted by Conde, Inc.
9. Discussion and Action:
Presenter:  Mayor/Asst. City Atty
Description:  On a Resolution ordering an election by the qualified voters of the Town of Horizon City, Texas on May 1, 2021 for the purpose of electing four Aldermen places 1, 2, 4, and 6 to four-year terms.
10. Discussion and Action:
Presenter:  Mayor/Asst. City Atty
Description:  On the Contract for Election Services with the El Paso County Elections Administrator for the May 1, 2021, General and Special Elections.
11. Discussion and Action:
Presenter:  Mayor/Asst. City Atty
Description:  On the appointment of the election officials and election judges for the General Election on May 1, 2021.
12. Discussion:
Presenter:  Mayor/Asst. City Atty
Description:  1ST Reading of Ordinance No. _______.  An Ordinance calling a special election by the qualified voters of the Town of Horizon City, Texas on May 1, 2021 for the purpose of  submitting a proposition on the reauthorization of the local sales and use tax in the Town of Horizon City at the rate of one-quarter (1/4) of one percent (1%)  to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets; making provision for the conduct of such election; resolving other matters incident and related to such election; providing for invalidity, proper notice and public meeting and an effective date. The tax will expire on the fourth (4th) anniversary of the date of the election unless the imposition of the tax is reauthorized.
13. Discussion and Action:
Presenter:  Mayor
Description:  On potential phasing of Town operations and rescheduling and reopening City Hall and Town facilities for the public and related staffing issues in response the status of COVID cases in the Town and County of El Paso.
14. Executive Session
Description:  The City Council of the Town of Horizon City may recess into EXECUTIVE SESSION pursuant to the Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapter D, under Article 551.071 – Consultation with Attorney; 551.072 – Deliberation Regarding Real Property; 551.073 – Deliberation Regarding Gifts and Donations; 551.074 – Personnel Matters; 551.076 – Deliberation Regarding Security Devices and 551.087 – Deliberation Regarding Economic Development Negotiations.

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