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June 20, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Call Public Meeting to Order 
Invocation and Pledges
Public Comments/Audience Participation on Public Meeting
Overview of ESSER and RIPICS Update
6-Month Check Update and Community Engagement Requirement
Update of Survey Sent Via-Email and Website
Adjourn Public Meeting
Call Regular Meeting to Order
Public Comments/Audience Participation/Communication from Citizens to Discuss Pending Agenda Before the Board
Executive Session
Adjournment to closed or executive session in the Winona High School Library pursuant to Texas Government Code 551.071, 551.072, 551.074, 551.076, 551.082, the Open Meetings Act.  Should any final action, final decision for final vote be required in the opinion of the School Board with regard to any matter considered in such a closed or executive meeting or session, then the final action, final decision, or final vote shall be either:  (a) in the meeting covered by the notice upon thereof; as the School Board shall determine purposes 
Discuss and Consider Personnel Hiring and Resignations
Discuss and Consider WIN Financial Plan
Reconvene from Executive Session
Consider Action on Matters Discussed in Closed Session
Discuss, Consider and Take Action on Hiring and Resignations
Discuss, Consider and Take Action on WIN Financial Plan
Superintendent Update 
Awarding of High School Diploma to Student Completing Winona ISD's Academic Success Program
Discuss and Consider Long Range Facility Plan Update from Jackson Construction 
Discuss, Consider, and Take Action on Items over $10,000
Discuss, Consider and Take Action on NWEA
NWEA:  $15,087.50 - NWEA is a nationally normed assessment program we use to measure longitudinal growth in the areas of reading, mathematics, language usage, and science.  NWEA is also a measure approved by the TEA as a growth measure for Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA)
Discuss, Consider and Take Action on Drainage in Front of Middle School Entrance
Discuss, Consider and Approve 2022-2023 Allotment & TEKS Certification
Discuss and Consider Updating the Translation Policy (Required for Federal Funding)
Discuss, Consider and Take Action on Winona ISD Annual Finance and Compliance Report
Intent to Apply for Grants
ESSA Consolidated ($741,721)
ARP Homeless II ($10,149)
Perkins V CTE ($17,392)
Special Education IDEA ($225,668)
Discuss, Consider and Take Action on Shared Service Agreement for the Tyler Regional Deaf School Program for the Deaf (Revised Copy)
Discuss, Consider and Take Action on Renewal of Membership in Walsh Gallegos' Retainer Program
Budget Workshop Update
Future Business items
Consent Agenda
Financial Reports
Budget Amendments

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