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July 12, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. 6:00 pm  -  Opening
II. 6:05 pm  -  Election of Board Chair (Resolution 6541)
Vote- Public Comment Accepted
III.   6:10 pm  -  Election of Board Vice-Chair (Resolution 6542)
Vote- Public Comment Accepted
IV. 6:15 pm  -  Consent Agenda: Resolutions 6543 through 6550
Vote- Public Comment Accepted
IV.1. Resolution 6543: Adoption of the Index to the Minutes
IV.2. Resolution 6544: Expenditure Contracts
IV.3. Resolution 6545: Revenue Contracts
IV.4. Resolution 6546: Authorization for Off-Campus Activities
IV.5. Resolution 6547  -  Appointment of Financial Auditor
IV.6. Resolution 6548  -  Appointment of Clerk and Deputy Clerks
IV.7. Resolution 6549 - Appointment of Budget Officer
IV.8. Resolution 6550  - A Resolution Regarding Depository Banks for the Funds of the Portland Public School District (School District No. 1-J, Multnomah County Oregon)
V. 6:20 pm  -  Comments from the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT)
VI. 6:25 pm  -  Comments from the Service Employee International Union (SEUI)
VIII. 6:35 pm  -  Second Reading of Policy Rescissions (Resolution 6554)
Vote - Public Comment Accepted
  • 5.10.080-P Deferred Compensation
  • 5.20.010-P District Employment Practices
  • 5.30.030-P Education Student Training Programs
  • 5.50.060-P Leaves of Absence- Voluntary
  • 5.60.070-P Administrative Salaries
  • 5.70.051-P Leaves of Absence
  • 6.10.090-P Private Schools- Request for Funding
IX. 6:40 pm  -  Other Business / Committee Referrals
X. 6:45 pm  -  Adjourn

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