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June 1, 2022 at 4:00 PM - Policy Committee Meeting

I. 4:00 pm  -  Introductions 
II. Staff Updates  
II.1. Climate Crisis Committee Application
II.2. 7.10.020-P Parent Groups and the Schools Fundraising revisions
II.3. Religious and cultural observances
III. Rescission Recommendations
  • 6.10.090-P Private Schools--Request for Funding-possible action
  • 5.30.030-P Education Student Training Programs-possible action
  • 5.20.010-P District Employment Practices-possible action
  • 5.50.060-P Leaves of Absence-Voluntary-possible action
  • 5.60.070-P Administrative Salaries-possible action
IV. Policy Revisions (20 min)
  • 8.60.021-P Liability Claims Handling -discussion/possible discussion/possible action
  • 7.10.010-P Citizen Involvement Process revisions-discussion/possible action
  • 4.50.032-P Complaint Policy-discussion/possible action
V. Rescission of Policies Recommended for First Reading (at the 5/11/22 Policy Committee Meeting)
  • 5.10.080-P Deferred Compensation
  • 5.70.051-P Leaves of Absence
VI. Policies in Public Comment Period  
  • 4.20.042-P Diploma Requirements
  • 3.30.082-P Pest Management
  • 3.30.014-P Weapons
  • 4.50.026-P Administering Medication



  • 3.30.080-P Resource Conservation
  • 5.50.070-P Reimbursement of Expenses
  • 5.60.020-P Term of Administrative Contracts
  • 6.30.020-P Special Education Students and CIM
  • 8.50.100-P Public Contracting and Purchasing Rules
  • 8.80.010-P High Performance Facility Design
  • 4.40.040-P Rose Festival 
  • 5.20.030-P Appointment of Teachers
  • 6.60.010-P Summer Schools
VII. Public Comment  -  10 min.
              5 Two-Minute slots 
              *To sign-up for public comment email or call Kara Bradshaw at 503-916-3906.
VIII. 7:00 pm  -  Adjourn

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