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December 1, 2021 at 4:00 PM - Policy Committee Meeting

I. 4:00 pm  -  Introductions 
II. Staff Updates  -  0 min.
III. Items / Policies for Discussion  -  95 min.
III.2. 5.10.060-P Workplace Harassment Amendments-discussion/possible action-10 min.
III.3. 1.20.012-P   Student Representative and District Student Council Policy-discussion-15 min.

III.4. Policies proposed for rescission:

1.10.020-P Definitions
2.40.010-P Teacher Membership on Committees 

IV. Policies in Public Comment Period  -  10 min:

5.60.010-P: Administrative Employees’ Terms of Employment
5.10.090-P: Cafeteria Plan
5.60.031-P: Vacations & District Holidays (Formerly Vacation Eligibility and Scheduling)

Rescission of the following policies-discussion/possible action -5 min:
5.20.080-P: Evaluation Of Teachers
3.20.011-P: Planning Time
3.40.091-P: Traffic Safety Patrols
4.50.010-P: Student Interviews And Errands
4.50.020-P: Health Services   
4.50.023-P: Dental Health Services
5.20.100-P: Physical And Mental Health Of Staff Members   
6.10.013-P: Career Education – Learning Opportunities 

V. Public Comment  -  10 min.
              5 Two-Minute slots 
              *To sign-up for public comment email or call Kara Bradshaw at 503-916-3906.
VI. 6:00 pm  -  Adjourn

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