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September 29, 2021 at 4:00 PM - Policy Committee Meeting

I. 4:00 pm  -  Introductions  (5 minutes)
II. 4:05 pm  -  Staff Update  (5 minutes);  Student Conduct and Discipline 
III. 4:10 pm  -  Liability of Employees of the District 5.5.020-P Amendments (20 minutes); Committee Discussion/Action
IV. 4:30 pm  -  Policies and Administrative Directives 1.70.020-P (20 minutes); Committee discussion/action
V. 4:50 pm  -  Vacation Policy/Holidays revisions -- 3 policies and 1 current practice (25 minutes); Committee discussion/action
a. 5.60.031-P Vacation Eligibility and Scheduling
b. 5.70.052-P Work Year - Vacations 
c. 5.50.064-P, Religious Holidays – Teachers 
d. Current practice
VI. 5:15 pm  -  Proposed Rescissions/Process for Committee Action (20 minutes); Committee discussion/action
a. 2.10.020-P   Concept of Administration
b. 3.10.020-P Additional Building Administration Personnel
c. d. 3.30.050-P Visitors To Schools
d. 5.20.020-P Certification
e. 5.30.010-P Substitute Teachers
f. Public Comment on action items
VII. 5:35 pm  -  Committee Discussion on Policy Revision Distribution (10 minutes)
VIII. 5:45 pm  -  Policies in Public Comment Period  (3 minutes)
a. 5.70.060-P Personnel File
b. 5.70.054-P Compensation – Miscellaneous
c. 5.50.073-P Health and Welfare Trust Fund
d. 5.60.040-P Administrator Consultations
IX. 5:48 pm  -  Public Comment  (10 minutes)
5 Two-Minute slots
To sign-up for public comment
email or
call Kara Bradshaw at 503-916-3906.
X. 5:58 pm  -  Other Business (2 minutes)
XI. 6:00 pm  -  Adjourn

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