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March 9, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. 6:00 pm  -  Opening
II. 6:05 pm  -  Resolution to Recognize March 8-12, 2021 as School Social Work Week
III. 6:10 pm  -  Consent Agenda: Resolutions 6252 through 6264
          Vote- Public Comment Accepted
III.1. Resolution 6252: Approval of the Index to the Minutes
III.2. Resolution 6253: Expenditure Contracts
III.4. Resolution 6255: Election of Second Year Probationary Teachers
III.5. Resolution 6256: Election of Third Year Probationary Teachers
III.6. Resolution 6257: Election of Contract Teachers
III.7. Resolution 6258: Extention of Contract Teachers
III.8. Resolution 6259: Election of Second Year Probationary Administrators
III.9. Resolution 6260: Election of Third Year Probationary Administrators
III.10. Resolution 6261: Election of Contract Administrators
III.11. Resolution 6262: Extension of Contract Administrators
III.12. Resolution 6263: Contract Extension for Administrators
III.13. Resolution 6264: Approving a Recommendation for Non-extension of a Contract Teacher
IV. 6:25 pm  -  Student and Public Comment
V. 6:50 pm  -  Remarks from the Portland Association of Teachers
VI. 6:55 pm   -  Student Representative's Report
VII. 7:00 pm   -  Superintendent's Report
VIII. 7:10 pm  -  Board Committee and Conference Reports
IX. 7:30 pm  -  Charter School Renewals
            Vote- Public Comment Accepted
X. 8:00 pm  -  Update: COVID, Hybrid and Limited In-person Instruction (LIPI)
XI. 8:25 pm  -  1st Reading of a Policy
XII. 8:35 pm  -  2nd Reading of a Policy 
          Vote- Public Comment Accepted
XIII. 9:00 pm  -  Other Business / Committee Referrals
XIV. 9:05 pm  -  Adjourn

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