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October 5, 2020 at 4:00 PM - Policy Committee Meeting

I. Introductions  -  5 min. 
II. Staff Updates  -  25 min.
II.1. Student Suicide Prevention policy- Community Engagement Plan and timeline
                    (Amy Ruona, Mila Rodriguez-Adair) (15 minutes)
Discussion:  Update in November on community engagement.

Scott-complete sentences, update to parents (not clear), upate to the board 1x/yr., 

Julia-add powerpoint to website. She wants to move along the policy since most comments are about AD, Rita says no.

II.2. Student Conduct and Discipline - Staff memo
                    (Mary Kane, Liz Large) (10 minutes)
III. Items/Policies for Discussion  -  85 min.
III.1. 2020-2021 Policy Committee agenda and work plan
                    (45 minutes)
III.2. 8.70.040-P Preservation, Maintenance and Disposition of District Real Property
                    (Claire Hertz, Dani Ledezma) (20  minutes)
III.2.i. ii. Plan for engagement
III.2.ii. Draft Policy Updates
III.3. 4.50.032-P Formal Public Complaints
                   (Stephanie Soden, Lidia Lopez Gamboa) (15 minutes)
III.3.i. Draft Policy Updates
IV. Policies in Public Comment Period  -  0 min.
V. Public Comment  -  10 min. 
               5 Two-minute slots
VI. Adjourn
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