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September 22, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. 6:00 pm  -  Opening  -  5 min.
Discussion:  The virtual meeting opened for attendees to arrive at 5:45pm. No deliberation or decisions were made prior to the start of the meeting. The Regular meeting of the Board of Education came to order at 6:05 pm at the call of Committee Chair Lowery.  This meeting was held virtually due to Covid-19 and streamed live at:
II. 6:05 pm  -  Resolution No. 6173: Resolution Proclaiming the Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month in Portland Public
Discussion:  The proclamation was read in Spanish by Marifer Sager and then in English by Director Kohnstamm. 

A motion to approve Resolution 6173 was made by Director Bailey and was seconded by Director DePass. The Motion was put to a voice vote and passed (7-yes, 0-no), with Student Representative Shue voting yes (unofficial).
III. 6:10 pm  -  Consent Agenda: Resolutions 6174 through 6177  -  15 min.
          Vote- Public Comment Accepted
Discussion:  Julia Brim-Edwards flagged her continuing concern that the staff reports for the personal services contracts are not posted and the goals aren’t set, stating that it is not an opposition to approve specific contracts, but a practice that needs to be changed.  Director Lowery shared that the district is working to find a balance between protecting the district and providing public transparency.

A motion to amend Resolution 6174 to correct a typo in the amount of the Delta Connects contract from $2,000,00 to $3,000,000 was made by Director Brim-Edwards and was seconded by Director Moore. The motion was put to a voice vote and passed (7-yes, 0-no), with Student Representative Shue voting yes (unofficial).

A motion to approve the Consent Agenda, including Resolutions 6174, as amended, through 6177 was made by Director Kohnstamm and was seconded by Director Scott. The Motion was put to voice vote and passed (7-yes, 0-no), with Student Representative Shue voting yes (unofficial).
III.1. Resolution 6174: Expenditure Contracts that Exceed $150,000 for Delegation of Authority
III.2. Resolution 6175: Adoption of Minutes
IV. 6:25 pm  -  Student and Public Comment  -  15 min. 
  • Caroline Recinos:  Climate justice. Sustainable school lunch choices. Consider new modifications this year, post more recent procurement report, increase locally sourced food, decrease use of plastic.
  • Tasman Higgs: He/Him. 7th grade at daVinci. Kids have to worry about a safe planet to live on. Carbon emissions are on the rise. Theme for 2020 is I can’t Breath, George Floyd, tear gas, and forest fires. District could buy hydroelectricity, use electric cars,  and feed students more vegetables and less meat. Asked the board to please pass the Climate Crisis Policy.
  • Luna Abadia: She/Her. Urges that the Climate Crisis Response policy be looked at during the next policy committee meeting. Students shouldn’t have to shoulder the work to stop climate change. Policy is critical to mitigating climate change. Reviewing the policy demonstrates you understand the intersectionality of climate change.
  • Anna Starman: Roosevelt high school, she/her. Art supplies are lacking. Art is important. It’s an expression of who they are.
  • Edme Guetchow: Senior at Roosevelt HS. Art is part of her intrinsic expression. It is vitally important and difficult to full participate in class online which is amplified by lack of access to supplies needed.  Low income students should not have to pay for their art supplies. Funds have been withdrawal. Some budget provision needs to be made.
  • Mike Rosen: Climate change is real. An effective remedy to the fear is action. Climate Justice Committee has been working with school staff to draft a PPS Climate Crisis response policy, which is a major revision of the Resource Conservation Policy.  It address district carbon reduction, with significant reduction by 2050.  Requests that the policy be prioritized.
  • Jane Comeault: Eco school network, an organization of parents promoting eco practices. Active in 50 PPS. Need to show student the actions that PPS is taking and create opportunities for student’s to participate. PPS needs a plan.
  • Kellie May: She/Her. Visual arts programs at Roosevelt. Represents visual arts teachers around the district and student in the programs. Read a statement. There were promises made to support art materials, and no district support for materials at non-title 1 schools. The title 1 schools aren’t receiving all the materials need, no high school is title 1 and so no high school students are not receiving supplies.  Asking for materials for all reduced/ free lunch and flat fee for other students at a reduced rate.
  • Kara Colley: Pleased with his fourth grader’s schedule. Very disappoint with her middle school schedule. Just received a message that middle school teachers are not allowed to teach on Wed-Fri. HS students have live classes four days a week. Students need interactions each day.
  • Colleen Reuland: Students only get a half a day of in person instruction on Monday and Tuesday and they are sitting by themselves the rest of the time. Deeply worried that only 1/3 is live.
  • Jennifer Edler: She/Her. Asking to prioritize the climate response policy. No luxury of time. Do what we can do access green resources so that the future is full of opportunity. Students of color are most likely to be impacted by climate crisis. Needs immediate response and to implement long term plan.
V. 6:40 pm  -  Student Representative's Report  -  5 min.
Discussion:  Student Representative Shue shared that while everyone already knew that the start of the year was going to be difficult due to virtual learning, it was impounded by the fires and power outages, and that many classes have just begun in earnest.  There are many issues with virtual learning, including unclear meeting links, and unsure about where content lives. At the District Student Council (DSC) they are not adding any new non-essential duties, however are looking to add new members.
VI. 6:45 pm  -  Superintendent's Report  -  10 min.
Discussion:  Superintendent Guerrero shared that learning has continued across the district, noting that it has gone relatively smoothly, and adding that they are working to address issues that have arisen. He shared that they do not know when all students will be able to return to school, but that they will be announcing small group in person opportunities over the next few weeks. He thanked the board for acknowledging Hispanic Heritage month sharing the importance of the celebration. He shared that the Board would take part in their first Study Session which is meant for staff to present information, adding that tonight the board would look at the Climate Change and Climate Justice Curriculum, and the district Engagement Framework. He shared that Climate Change is a topic important to the district, noting that a program manager for Climate Change Climate Justice was hired last year, that there is a climate justice elective is available at the high school level, and that comprehensive curriculum across grade levels is being developing.  
VII. 6:55 pm  -  Resolution 6178: Amendment to the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget for School District No. 1J, Multnomah County, Oregon  -  20 min.
          Vote- Public Comment Accepted
Discussion:  Director Lowery introduced Resolution 6178 to amend the budget for fiscal year 2020-2021, noting that the original budget was created prior to the state forecast was released and therefor was based on estimated numbers. Claire Hertz provided an overview of the changes in the budget. She stated that the revised budget includes the money saved from the hiring freeze and the furlough.  The board asked questions regarding the revised budget. Ms. Hertz shared that they received more money than expected and that the money would be saving for future possible decreases in funding and possible future pandemic related costs. She shared that the staffing promised by the Student Investment Account would remain the same, but that they had to move the cost of the staffing around to where there was resources allocated. She shared that there were not any reductions related to a decrease in a funding area.

A motion to approve Resolution 6178 was made by Director DePass and was seconded by Director Scott.  The motion was put to a voice vote and passed (7-yes, 0-no), with Student Representative Shue voting yes (unofficial).
VIII. 7:15 pm  -  Discussion: 2021-2022 Budget Calendar  -  10 min.
Discussion:  Claire Hertz presented a draft budget calendar for the fiscal year 2021-2022. She shared that the will be discussed and questions answered and then brought back to the next Regular meeting for approval.  She shared that the intention was to build in as much time in the beginning of the budget process so that they can have as much information as possible in regards to the pandemic related financial recover status.  She provided an overview of the timeline.  The board asked questions and provided feedback.

Chair Lowery temporarily adjourned for a stretch break from 7:53 to 7:59.
IX. 7:25 pm  -  Resolution No. 6179:  Superintendent Evaluation Template  -  30 min.
          Vote- Public Comment Accepted
Discussion:  Director Scott shared that the full Oregon School Board Association (OSBA) evaluation template was revised in the last year, and addresses many of the concerns raised at the last board meeting. He provided a summary of the concerns addressed and where they could be represented in the template, which included a solid connection between education and facility side of the district, ensuring that we are reporting on disaggregated data, whether to use the entire OSBA template with the appendixes, connection to board goals, and course correction measures. He added that this is a temporary measure and that they will go back to their student centered goals.  Director Kohnstamm provided an overview of what other districts who are part of the Counsel of Greater City Schools shared that they are doing for evaluations, noting that many districts do not have student success driven metrics at all. She stated that the main focus for superintendent evaluations shared was a de-emphasis on student data and a focus on what the superintendent has done to support the students, while keeping an eye on where the students are.  Dr. Russell Brown shared that he reached out to two national school measurement expert and they asserted that assessments for accountability purposes of evaluation should not be done and that all assessments should be low to no stakes.  Director Brim-Edwards shared that she heard from a few districts that they would continue to tie the superintendent evaluation to student outcomes.

Director Kohnstamm moved and Director Scott seconded the motion to approve Resolution 6179.
Director Brim-Edwards offered an amendment to the evaluation template which included an addition to incorporate student outcomes. This motion was seconded by Director DePass. There was board discussion regarding the amendment. The amendment was put to voice vote and failed (1-yes, 6-no).

Director DePass offered an amendment to Leadership standards 1.4, 1.5, 3.1 and 6.5 to include equity metrics. There was discussion on the amendment. A motion to amendment the amendment to remove section 1.4.2 and change 1.5 to "Demonstrate a focus on improving" was made by Director Kohnstamm and the motion was seconded by Director Bailey. The motion was put to a voice vote and passed (7-yes, 0-no).

Director Scott moved to approve the amendment as amended. The motion was seconded by Director Brim-Edwards and put to a voice vote. The motion passed (7-yes, 0-no).

The motion to approve Resolution 6179, as amended, was put to a voice vote and passed (6-yes, 1-no).
X. 7:55 pm  -  Board Committee and Conference Reports  -  10 min. 
Discussion:  Director Moore share that the Policy Committee discussed the revision of the Preservation, Maintenance, and Disposition of District Real Property Policy and looked at the Complaint Policy and how it has worked over the last two years. She noted that no decisions were made and that both policies will go back to the committee. She noted that the list of needed policy work is longer than the committee can realistically address in a year and that the committee will talk about prioritization at the next meeting.

Director DePass shared that the School Improvement Bond Committee met last week where they received the quarterly Bond Accountability Report (BAC) report and an Office of School Modernization (OSM) report, as well as discussed a committee schedule. She noted that the BAC has some openings, including a chair position. Director Kohnstamm added that she encourages the directors to look at the BAC accountability report, adding that the percentage of minority / women owned contractors has gone down.

Director Brim-Edwards shared that the Audit Committee received an Office of Internal Performance Audit (OIPA) report on the progress of the ACH audit and the PCard audit.  She added that there is a Community Committee Member position open on the audit committee and discussed changing the focus to find candidates that bring diversity to the committee. Director Brim-Edwards shared that Kari Guy, who is leaving the committee, and who has a lot of auditing experience, and has offered to continue to consult.
X.1. Audit Committee
X.2. Policy Committee
X.3. School Improvement Bond Committee
XI. 8:05 pm  -  Other Business / Committee Referrals  - 5 min. 
XII. 8:10 pm  -  Adjourn
Discussion:  Chair Lowery adjourned the meeting at 9:20 pm.

The Next regular meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled to be held October 06, 2020.
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