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September 14, 2020 at 4:00 PM - Policy Committee Meeting

I. Introductions
II. Staff Update: Student Suicide Prevention Policy  -  5 min.
Discussion:  Suicide Prevention-staff in a training. Rachel and Shanice met with them last week to discuss moving forward with stakeholder engagement. Update next time.
Student Conduct and Discipline-still same as last time. District is working with PAT to resolve issues re: safety provision. Not yet scheduled to meet. Rita: what is the handbook we are using? JBE-will there be a grace period once the book is out and we are back in school. Mary: cyber bullying is an issue now. Rita: can we get an update on the status  of the negotiations of the discussion with PAT at next meeting. Can we get a memo on impact of policy in abeyance pending discussions with PAT and practices at school level and whether PAT issues can be separated from the rest of the policies. Can we move forward with the rest without the hold up parts? Mary to ask Sharon if this can be done. Rita: what would be the impact if we went ahead and considered the whole policy ahead of negotiations. Need to kmow full range of implications.
III. Staff Update: Student Conduct and Discipline Policy  -  5 min.
IV. Discussion: 8.70.040-P Preservation, Maintenance and Disposition of District Real Property  -  20 min.
Discussion:  Scott not sure we should ever sell property or make lease deals. Would like to talk about cost-benefit analysis. Wants there to e a net benefit (long term). JBE wants to separate the two, lease and buy. Rita: languae that says anything below market is for execptional circumstances.  Scott: One hundred year outlook as a framing devcice for selling. Leaes demonstration of financiual need. JBE: wants to see a critical mass of criteria in the language. We  should have language in what we find when applying the lens clearly stated.Liz to word smith.Liz to take a next pass and ciruclate? 
V. Discussion: 4.50.032-P Formal Public Complaints  -  20 min.
Discussion:  JBE-is not in support of reviewing the language about 1A;  d5) adding a threshold for retaliation "intentional".,  Mary to review legal definition; Scott: what are the resources offered of services provided-community he thinks it should say "limited resources", leave room for more but list out. JBE: should we be explicit that we don't offer legal servcies/assistance. Give basic examples without a longer list and give the limitations. Rita: can add additional recommendations after community engagment. JBE: per Division 22 can we say we don't respond to the same complaint once it has gone through the process. Scott: if there is new evidence can the come again? -Mary to check if So, scott wants to add.
Clarify language on what would constitute a new complaint versus the same complaint. Add language on when submitting further information before going to the school board-everybody get access to all the information before the board votes. Rita: add language that includes that sometimes it is in exec session/other times public. Is there a hotline for sexual misconduct? But now we have a workplace harrassment hotline/email. and language that says for certain complaints can add there are other mechanisms and child abuse hotline. Also proposed language to keep board members from contacting complainants once the complaint is filed.  Julia does not agree and wants a way to get information outsie the time alloted for vote. Scott thinks they have the written materials. Can board members get materials 10 days ahead and try to get information at the beginning.Julia to send around additional imfo, Rita to send out edits/language. Send out a word doc to committee.

Community engagement
End of calendar year to finish. JBE thinks it is a good plan. JBE-wants PAPSA feedback. Rita; Stelhanie and Lidia give a status report beginning of november on engagement. Best guess about how much more time to complete it. 
VI. Discussion: 2020-2021 Policy Committee agenda and work plan  -  60 min.
Discussion:  JBE-change the manner in which we elect board members? Have the work plan policy at the next meeting.Top of meeting next time.

VII. Public Comment - (5) two-minute slots  -  10 Min. 
Description:  ** Requests to provide public comment should be made to by 2:00 pm Monday, August 24th
VIII. Adjourn
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