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July 28, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Work Session

I.      6:00 pm  -  Opening
Discussion:  A Work Session of the Board of Education came to order at 6:03 pm at the call of Board Chair Lowery.  This meeting was held virtually due to Covid-19 and streamed live at: The virtual meeting opened for attendees to arrive at 5:45pm. No deliberation or decisions were made prior to the start of the meeting.

II.     6:05 pm  -  Reentry Update  (45 min)
Discussion:  Superintendent Guerrero introduced the topic of reentry, noting that in alignment with Governor Brown’s guidance, students will return to school virtually until at least November 05, 2020. Brenda Martinek, Chief of Student Support Services, shared that the plan has been influenced by guidance from Governor Brown, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), the MESD Communicable Disease Management Plan (CDMP), an external health management team, workgroups and advisory teams, community engagement and service provider partners. She explained that school will start on September 2, 2020 with a focus on reconnection, professional development, and relationship building, with a comprehensive educational model beginning on September 14, 2020. She added that the district will announce on or before October 10, 2020 the decision whether to extend virtual learning or not.

Staff provided an overview of the ODE Comprehensive Distance learning requirements,. Dr. Luis Valentino, Chief Academic Officer, shared that requirements include 900-990 hours of instructional time, which could include up to 90 hours of professional development and 90 hours of parent engagement, taking of attendance, issuance of grades, administering state tests, and enforcing Division 22 standards.  He added that there will be a standard of curriculum that will connect with curriculum from last year, and that fifty percent of the time will be teacher guided (directly or indirectly) and the other fifty percent will be student lead, noting that families will receive focused support and digital training. He shared that they have a recommended introductory schedule for students in pre-k through grade 12 that focuses on reconnecting with students, making sure everyone has the technology needed to connect, providing technology training for families, and professional development for teachers. He shared the district is building recommended structured schedules specifically for students in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, which will include time for nutrition, breaks, and core content.

Dr. Bird shared that at the high school level the recommended schedule will be a 4x4 schedule in which students take four classes per semester instead of the traditional eight classes. He explained that students will receive the content from a traditionally year long course in a semester, which provides the same opportunity for earning credit, but that makes it easier for students to track their classes and work virtually. He noted that additional supports will be provided for English Language Learners and students with disabilities. He shared that there all classes will be hosted in Canvas, that there will be a bell schedule with the expectation that students will meet daily, that grades will be recorded, that there will be an option for a light schedule, and that International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes can be front loaded in order to be prepared for midyear testing.  Dr. Valentino shared that core content curriculum will be provided to teachers and available as part of a digital toolkit. Kevin Crotchet, Director of Learning Technologies, shared that there are three categories of tools, which include Instruction and Lesson Design Tools, Creation and Engagement Tools, and Curriculum and Content. Don Wolff provided a timeline for the distribution of devices and hotspots. He added that there will be translators available in the IT department in the primary supported languages until at least September 11, 2020.

Board Directors asked questions of staff and provided feedback regarding the plan.
III.    6:50 pm  -  Adjourn 
Discussion:  Chair Lowery adjourned the meeting at 7:17 pm.
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