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July 7, 2020 at 4:00 PM - Intergovernmental Task Force Meeting

I. Opening
Discussion:  The virtual meeting of the Board of Education’s Intergovernmental Task Force opened for attendees to arrive at 3:45pm. No deliberation or decisions were made prior to the start of the meeting. The meeting came to order at 4:06 pm at the call of Rita Moore. This meeting was held virtually due to Covid-19 and streamed live at:

There were present:

Task Force Members
Amy Kohnstamm - Co-chair
Rita Moore - Co-chair

Staff and Other Attendees
Kara Bradshaw - Executive Assistant, Board of Education
Julia Brim-Edwards - Board Director
Rosanne Powell - Senior Board Manager
Nathaniel Shue - Board Student Representative
Stephanie Soden - Chief of Staff
Courtney Westling - Director, Government Relations
II. Oregon Legislative Special Sessions #1 and #2
Discussion:  Courtney Westling shared and overview of the Oregon Legislative Special Session (#1), noting that it was a short three day session, and adding that there were 24 bills passed, with primarily bipartition support, which focused on police accountability and Covid-19 response. She shared that the timing of the second special session (#2) is contingent on federal action, adding that state legislation is budget planning and that the rumor is to maintain current 9 billion budget state fund. Ms. Westling shared that Portland Public Schools is advocating for all budget decisions to be focused in equity, as well as continues to support the student success act. There was discussion regarding explicitly expressing to legislature what the cost of doing business in the new environment will be, noting that the big five districts in Portland are working together to advocate for support / reimbursement of costs related to reopening in the midst of  Covid-19. There was discussion regarding Portland Public Schools applying for city of Portland grants. Courtney Westling shared that there wasn’t enough funds available for Portland Public Schools to apply for any city grants, but that Portland Public Schools did apply for a technology grant.  Ms. Westling shared that figuring out how to provide child care is very challenging, but that they’ve been talking to Multnomah County and are working on how to provide a solution.
III. Local/Regional Ballot Measure Updates
Discussion:  Courtney Westling shared that Portland Parks and Recreation (PPR) is struggling because they are financially supported by fees and that they may have a levy the November ballot. She added that the PPR levy shouldn’t affect the Portland Public Schools School Improvement Bond much. 

Ms. Westling shared that she is unsure about the status of the Trimet transportation measure, noting that there is an expectation that Portland Public Schools continue to partner with Trimet for high school passes, even though with the Transportation measure all youth 18 and under would have free passes. Director Moore asked for us to request that all district cost share. Director Julia Brim-Edwards noted that the measure is polling with the lowest level of support of all the potential levy/measures/bonds for the November ballot. There was discussion regarding the request for Portland Public Schools to endorse the Trimet measure and what the benefits to PPS might be as a result of the measure passing.

IV. Rose Quarter Project Update
Discussion:  Ms. Westling shared that Albina Vision, among others, pulled their support of the Rose Quarter I-5 Project, noting that PPS has always been neutral with a focus on getting the best deal for Harriet Tubman School and that it could be an opportunity. There was discussion regarding whether we ask for the project to move the school or whether they wait to see how things go.
V. Federal Update
Discussion:  Ms. Westling shared that there is not much to update on a federal level. She reiterated that the state is waiting to see if there will be a federal stimulus, and that the federal government is back to work after the fourth of July break. It was noted that it sounds like the current stimulus plan is dead in the water, but that the house is going to work on it again to see if they can create something that is more likely to pass the senate.  There was a question regarding whether guidelines for reentry in the fall can be federally mandated, and Ms. Westling stated that it isn’t any federal jurisdiction and that that it will decided be state by state as usual.
VI. Adjourn
Discussion:  Director Rita Moore adjourned the meeting at 4:56 pm.
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