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October 20, 2020 at 4:00 PM - Board Workshop and Business Meeting

Presenter:  Pres. John L. Robison
Presenter:  President John L. Robison
Description:  Public comments will be accepted for approximately eighteen (18) minutes. Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of three (3) minutes. 
3.A. (20 minutes) Strategic Plan Update - Parent & Community Connections
Presenter:  Asst. Superintendent John Zurbuchen, Ms. Julie Tanner
3.B. (15 minutes) Head Start Child Assessment 
Presenter:  Ms. Teresa Oster, Dr. Jared Lisonbee
Description:  Dr. Oster and Dr. Lisonbee will present Head Start preschool child outcome data to the Board. 
3.C. (15 minutes) Farmington City CRA Modification
Presenter:  Mr. Brigham Mellor
Description:  The Board of Education previously approved a CRA with Farmington City to improve the area north of Cabalas to Shepard Lane.  The city is requested a minor modification to the agreement.  Mr. Brigham Mellor will present the information to the Board in Workshop.   If the Board agrees to modify the agreement, it will be a business item in a later board meeting. 
3.D. (15 minutes) COVID Review
Presenter:  Asst. Superintendent John Zurbuchen
Description:  Asst. Superintendent John Zurbuchen will provide updates to the board about our COVID-19 dashboard and data.
3.E. (40 minutes) Academic Data Review
Presenter:  Dr. Logan Toone
Description:  Dr. Toone will present student achievement information for the prior and current school years.
3.F. (10 minutes) Fraud Risk Assessment
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter, Mr. Tim Leffel
Description:  The State Auditor’s office now requires school districts to complete a Fraud Risk Assessment each year.  They also require that the assessment be presented to the Board of Education.  This is something our External Auditors are required to review as part of their annual audit program.  Mr. Leffel has completed the assessment for our district.  He provided the Board Finance Committee a summary of the assessment previously.  Today he will review the completed assessment with the entire board.
3.G. (5 minutes) 2021-2022 Calendar Process
Presenter:  Dr. Helen Van Natter
4.A. COVID Process for School Closure SECOND and FINAL Reading (exhibit) 
Presenter:  Asst. Superintendent John Zurbuchen
Description:  Asst. Superintendent John Zurbuchen will recommend approval of the COVID process for school closure on Second and FINAL Reading.
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4.B. Clearfield High School Teen Center 
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter
Description:  A Teen Center will be constructed in the Old Gym at Clearfield High School.  Two identical suites and a reception area will allow homeless students to spend one class period.  Each suite will consist of a shower, changing, laundry and study space.  Funding for the project was donated by Clearfield City so construction will begin immediately and needs to be spent by the end of December.
4.C. Employee Compensation 
Presenter:  Pres. John L. Robison
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