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October 6, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. BOARD MEETING - 6:00 P.M. - Administration Building, 45 East State Street, Farmington, UT
1.A.1. Public Comment Rules, Welcome, and Introductions
Presenter:  Pres. John L. Robison
1.A.2. Virtual Student Performance
Presenter:  Ms. Traci Robbins
Description:  Students from the Millcreek Jr High Mustang Choir will perform, "How Can I Keep from Singing." This arrangement was written by Ms. Krista Baer, choir and theater teacher at Millcreek Jr. High. She wrote the song for her students, after schools were shut down last spring less than a week before our scheduled concert. These amazing students came together virtually, learned the music, and recorded themselves, allowing the choir to continue to sing together, even while apart.
1.A.3. Pledge of Allegiance
Presenter:  Mr. Matthew Cohen - Layton High Senior and Student Board Member
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter, Mr. Ryck Astle
Description:  Mr. Rod Southam, Layton High's Facilities Coordinator, was recently presented the U.S. Department of Education Recognizing Inspirational School Employees (RISE) Award. Ms. Karen Peterson, the governor’s education advisor, and Mr. Jason Lewis, Utah School Employees Association President and chairman of the Utah RISE committee, presented Mr. Southam with the RISE award, which honors classified school employees who exemplify excellence in work performance, leadership and community involvement.
Description:  Public comments will be accepted for approximately eighteen (18) minutes. Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of three (3) minutes.
1.D.1. Committee Report
Presenter:  Board members
1.D.1.a. Foundation
Presenter:  Ms. Marie Stevenson
1.D.1.b. Strategic Plan (exhibit)
Presenter:  Mr. Gordon Eckersley
1.D.2. Superintendent Report
Presenter:  Superintendent Reid Newey
1.D.2.a. COVID Protocol for School Closure (exhibit)
Presenter:  Asst. Superintendent John Zurbuchen
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1.E.1. Board Minutes (exhibit)
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter
Description:  Mr. Craig Carter and his staff have prepared the minutes from the September 1, 15, and 23, 2020 board meetings. Please review the minutes prior to this meeting and feel free to make amendments as needed.
1.E.2. Financial Report (exhibit)
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter
Description:  Mr. Craig Carter and the Accounting Department have prepared the financial report. If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact Mr. Carter prior to the Board meeting.
1.E.3. Personnel Report (exhibit)
Presenter:  Mr. John Zurbuchen
Description:  Ms. Suzi Jensen and the Human Resources Department staff have prepared the Personnel Report. If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact Mr. Zurbuchen prior to the meeting.
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1.E.4. 2021 Board Meeting Schedule (exhibit) 
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter
1.E.5. 1B-020 Transfer, Resignation, and Vacancies (exhibit) 
Presenter:  Mr. Ben Onofrio
Description:  Updated to comply with legislative change SB 126 School Board Vacancy Amendments.  Extends the length of time a school board has to fill a midterm vacancy on the board if the vacancy is due to the death of a school board member.
Updated to comply with legislative change HB400 National Guard Training Amendments.  Allows a board member to continue to serve as a member while on military duty if he/she has the ability to carry out the duties of the office.
1.E.6. 5S-001 Enrollment Options for Students (exhibit) 
Presenter:  Mr. Ben Onofrio
Description:  Removed requirement to mail a notice of acceptance or rejection of a boundary variance request.  Request made by Student and Family Resources.  Parents prefer other means of notification such as email or text.
1.E.7. 5S-002 Registration and Public Accounting AND 6F-101 School Fees, Fee Waivers, and Provisions in Lieu of a Fee (exhibit)
Presenter:  Mr. Ben Onofrio
Description:  Updated to comply with changes in Administrative Code R277-616 Education for Homeless and Emancipated Students to include language that brings the rule into compliance with federal requirements for a state education agency to have a policy regarding fee waivers for homeless students.
1.F.1. Board Calendar (exhibit)
Presenter:  Pres. John L. Robison
Description:  The Board will review the board calendar for October, November and December 2020 for approval.
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1.F.2. COVID Process for School Closure (exhibit)
Presenter:  Asst. Superintendent John Zurbuchen
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1.F.3. Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Placement of Ballot Drop Box (exhibit) 
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter
Description:  Davis County Election Officials have requested that a permanent ballot box be placed near the South Weber Recreation Center.  This will be used for multiple elections.  The County will cover all costs associated with its installation and maintenance.  Due to the permanent nature of the ballot box, the county felt an Interlocal Agreement would be the appropriate.  They request your approval for this interlocal agreement. Please contact Mr. Carter with any questions.
1.F.4. West Bountiful Elementary Rebuild - GMP Increase (exhibit) 
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter
Description:  Following the demolition of the existing West Bountiful Elementary building the contractor was left with considerably more soil than was anticipated.  During the construction of the parking lot, several wet spots were encountered which required excavation and replacement with structural fill.  The additional excavation cost used up the contingency built into the project’s GMP.  This meant that any minor changes that often come up during the course of construction would need additional money to complete. 
1.F.5. Sale of CTE Home Building Lots (exhibit) 
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter
Description:  Our CTE Home Building Program is evolving away from our traditional self-contained program where we buy the lot and build the home from start to finish, to our students working with existing home developers such as Ivory Homes.  As a result we are moving to sell our four existing home building lots.  We have full price offers on three of the four lots.  Tonight we ask for your approval to accept those three full price offers.  We also ask that you approve that we can sell the fourth building lot for no less than the asking price.  If we feel our best offer is less than the current asking price for the fourth lot, we will bring that offer back to the board for approval. Please refer any questions to Mr. Carter or Mr. Welk.
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1.F.6. 2HR-206 Employee Sexual Harassment Under the Jurisdiction of Title VII - SECOND and FINAL Reading (exhibit) 
Presenter:  Mr. Ben Onofrio
Description:  Revised to clarify that protections of Title IX may apply to employees in an educational setting when alleged conduct rises to the level of sexual harassment as defined in Title IX regulations. 
Recommend approval on SECOND and FINAL Reading.
1.F.7. 5S-100 Student Conduct and Discipline - FIRST and FINAL Reading (exhibit) 
Description:  Updated to comply with changes in State law and administrative code.
Recommend approval on First and FINAL Reading. 
Presenter:  Board Members
Description:  Board member time to share an experience or information received from any conference, meeting, school visit, etc.
Description:  The Board will go into closed session immediately following board meeting for the purpose of negotiations. 
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