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May 19, 2020 at 4:00 PM - Board Workshop Meeting

1. Introductory Items
1.A. Welcome and Introductions
Presenter:  President John L. Robison
1.B. Pledge of Allegiance
Presenter:  Ms. Brigit Gerrard
2. Public Comment
Presenter:  President John L. Robison
Description:  Public comments on items which are not otherwise on a Board agenda will be accepted for approximately eighteen (18) minutes. Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of three (3) minutes. Members of the public can also provide comment to the board via email, by May 18, 2020
3. Business Item
3.A. Bountiful High School Fire Alarm Replacement (exhibit)
Presenter:  Mr. Craig Carter
Description:  The existing fire alarm system at Bountiful High School has aged beyond our ability to keep it running.  Plans are to replace the existing fire alarm panel, detectors, and horn/strobes with a new ‘state-of-the-art’ system that will protect the building for many years to come.  Work will begin immediately and will be completed in August.
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4. Workshop Items
4.A. (20 minutes) Audit Plan
Presenter:  Ms. Julie Tanner
4.B. (15 minutes) Strategic Plan Update - Culture
Presenter:  Mr. John Zurbuchen
4.C. (15 minutes) Political Endorsement Discussion
Presenter:  Ms. Liz Mumford
Description:  Discussion of board protocol for election participation and endorsement of political candidates. 
4.D. (15 minutes) Status of District Response to Corona Virus
Presenter:  Superintendent Reid Newey
4.E. (15 minutes) Required Annual LAND Trust Training & LAND Trust Plans for Review
Presenter:  Dr. Logan Toone, Ms. Janeal Magalei
Description:  Dr. Toone and Ms. Magalei will provide the required annual board training on school community councils and school LAND Trust Plans. Draft plans prepared by school community councils will be presented to the board for review. After review, the board will consider approving the plans in a board meeting (anticipated June 2, 2020).
4.F. (10 minutes) TSSA School Plans
Presenter:  Dr. Logan Toone
Description:  During board meeting on March 3, 2020, the board approved the district’s TSSA Framework for the 2020-21 school year. Schools have prepared their TSSA plans which will be presented to the board for review. After review, the board will consider approving the plans in board meeting (anticipated June 2, 2020).
5. Closed Meeting
Presenter:  Pres. John L. Robison
Description:  The Board will go into closed session immediately following workshop for the purpose of negotiations and personnel issues.
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