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January 13, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to order/roll call/adoption of agenda/consent grouping
2. * Approval of the minutes from the December 9, 2019, Board Meeting.
3. Election of Board of Education Officers
3.a. Action Item 35-19-20: Election of President
3.b. Action Item 36-19-20:  Election of Vice-President
3.c. Action Item 37-19-20:  Election of Secretary
3.d. Action Item 38-19-20:  Election of Treasurer
4. 2019 September and October Finance Reports
5. Special Presentations
5.a. DCC New Course Recommendations - Heather Conklin
6. * Staff Reports
6.a. North Creek - Kimberly Gillow 
6.b. South Meadows - Stacie Battaglia
6.c. Operations - Tim Courtright
6.d. Technology - Scott Wooster
6.e. Food Service - Deborah Over
6.f. Transportation - Rick Boham
6.g. Special Education - Lisa Nickel
7. Communications
8. Board Member and Student Liaison Reports
9. Public Input
10. Superintendent/Board Discussion
11. * Consent Action Items
11.a. Action Item 39-19-20. Superintendent Helber recommends the Board approve the CHS girls' soccer team's field trip request to Hilton Head, SC from March 28, 2020 through April 4, 2010, to train and bond as a team.
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11.b. Action Item 40-19-20. Superintendent Helber recommends the Board approve the Baseball team's field trip request to travel to Venice, FL from March 27, 2020, through April 4, 2020, for its annual spring training camp.
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11.c. Action Item 41-19-20. Superintendent Helber recommends the Board approve Jenny Guest as the Chelsea PAC representative.
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11.d. Action Item 42-19-20. Superintendent Helber recommends the Board approve Board Policies: po2340 District Trips/Travel, po1420 School Administrator Evaluation; po2265, Child Care Center Staff and Volunteers; po2628 State Aid Incentives, po3210 Staff Ethics, po3220, Professional Staff Evaluation, po6800 System of Accounting, po7300 Disposition of Real Property, po7440.03 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, po8400 School Safety Information, po8462 Student Abuse and Neglect, Policy 1615 Use of Tobacco by Administrators, Policy 3215 Use of Tobacco by Professional Staff, Policy 4215 Use of Tobacco by Support Staff, Policy 5512 Use of Tobacco by Students, Policy 7434 Use of Tobacco on School Premises
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12. * Individual Action Items
12.a. Action Item 43-19-20. Superintendent Helber recommends the Board approve the Bond Authorizing Resolution.
13. Information and Discussion
13.a. Curriculum Council's new course recommendations
13.b. CHS Course Offerings Handbook
13.c. Bus Purchase
13.d. Recommendation to appoint Reiley Curran as the co-chair of the Chelsea School District Reproductive Health Advisory Committee (RHAC).
13.e. Board Committee/Liaison Assignments
14. Public Input
15. Superintendent Report
16. Commendations/Thank-you
17. Upcoming Events
18. Closed Session for the purpose of property acquisition. (MCL 380.503)
19. Other
20. Adjournment

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