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May 17, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Declare a quorum. Invocation. Pledges. Mission statement.
Our district, as the educational center for excellence, provides the foundation for a safe, positive and enjoyable learning experience. In partnership with the community, Troy ISD models exemplary practices to empower our students to maximize their potential for success.
2. Consideration and possible action to delay reorganization of the Board.
3. Consideration and possible action to approve student resolutions.
4. Open Forum.
Speakers must be present to make public comment and must place their name on the form prior to the start of the meeting.
5. Report/discuss:
5.a. Facility update/tour the Troy High School Administration and Media Center addition
5.b. Remote instruction due to COVID-19 pandemic
5.c. Procedure for filling vacancy on the board
5.d. Graduation/Baccalaureate ceremonies
6. Consideration and possible action to consider COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.
7. Consideration and possible action to approve the consent agenda:
7.a. Minutes of the April 19th and May 4th meetings
7.b. Revenue/Expenditure Reports
7.c. Athletic & Tax Receipts
7.d. Budget Amendment
7.e. Temple Regional Day School Program for the Deaf shared services arrangement agreement
8. Personnel:
8.a. Employ teacher(s), teacher/coach(es)
8.b. Superintendent evaluation
9. Adjournment

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