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January 10, 2022 at 7:00 PM - BOARD OF EDUCATION

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Roll Call
IV. Annual Election of Officers
IV.a. Board President - I nominate ___ for the position of Board President
IV.b. Board Vice-President - I nominate ___ for the position of Board Vice-President
IV.c. Board Secretary - I nominate ___ for the position of Board Secretary
IV.d. Board Treasurer- I nominate ___ for the position of Board Treasurer
V. District's Mission & Vision
VI. Additions or Changes to the Agenda
VII. Annual Reorganization 
VII.a. Designation of Authorized Signatures
VII.b. Authorize Superintendent or Designee to Invest Surplus Funds
VII.c. Designation of Depositories for School Funds for the 2022 Calendar Year
VII.d. Designation of dates, times, and location of regular Lakewood Board of Education Meetings
VII.e. Delegation of public meeting posting and election duties
VII.f. Designation of Legislative Relations Network Liaison
VII.g. Designation of MASB delegates and two (2) alternatives
VIII. Student Rep. Report
IX. Items of Interest, Recognition, and Inquiry
X. Guest or Citizen Introduction Agenda/Non-Agenda Items
XI. Guest/Citizen Comment - Agenda Items
XII. Discussion & Information
XII.a. January Reconfirmation Report
XII.b. LHS Science Requirements for Graduation
XIII. Presentation
XIII.a. Ovens for Food Service Department
XIII.b. Secondary Counselors Presentation
XIII.c. Ballot Proposal Project Steering Committee Update
XIV. Consent Agenda-move to accept the December 2021 bills and minutes as presented.
XV. Action Item
XV.a. Acceptance of January Reconfirmation Report - move to accept the January Reconfirmation Report as presented.
XV.b. Recommended Action: Move to accept the recommendation of the LHS administration to eliminate the Algebra III course beginning in the 2022/23 school year and require the four credit mathematics graduation requirement be achieved during a student's 9th-12th grade years.
XV.c. Recommended Action: Move to accept the recommendation of the LHS administration to provide students the opportunity to meet their second required Science credit through the successful completion of Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics.
XVI. Guest/Citizen Comment - Non-Agenda Items
XVII. Superintendent's Report
XVIII. Board Comments
XIX. Adjournment

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