January 11, 2021 at 7:00 PM - BOARD OF EDUCATION

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Oath to Office - Weller, Possehn, Brodbeck-Krenz & McClelland
IV. Roll Call
IV.a. Announcement of Board Member(s) by name, city, and state that are participating virtually due to military duty, medical condition, or statewide or local state of emergency in compliance with SB No. 1108.
V. Annual Reorganization Meeting
V.a. Election of Officers
V.a.1. President - I nominate ___ for the position of Board President.
V.a.2. Vice-President - I nominate ___ for Board Vice-President.
V.a.3. Treasurer- I nominate ___ for Board Treasurer.
V.a.4. Secretary - I nominate ___ for Board Secretary.
V.b. Designation of Authorized Signatures
V.c. Authorization to Invest Surplus Funds
V.d. Designation of Depositories for School Fund
V.e. Designation of Dates, Times & Locations of Board of Education Regular Meetings
V.f. Delegation of Public Meeting Postings & Election Duties
V.g. Designation of Legislative Relations Network Liaison
V.h. Designation of MASB Delegates & Two Alternatives
VI. Additions or Changes to the Agenda
VII. District's Mission & Vision
VIII. Items of Interest, Recognition, and Inquiry
IX. Guest or Citizen Introduction Agenda/Non-Agenda Items
X. Guest/Citizen Comment - Agenda Items
XI. Consent Agenda - Motion to approve monthly bills and minutes
XII. Presentation
XII.a. Girl Scout Cadette Troop 4632 - "Take Action" video
XII.b. 2020-2021 Budget Revision (R1)
XIII. Action Item
XIII.a. 2020-2021 Budget Revision (R1): Recommended Action: The Board approve the 2020-2021 Budget Revision (R1) as presented.
XIII.b. Career Leave: Recommended Action: The Board approve the recommendation of the superintendent to grant a career leave of absence from Jan. 4, 2021- April 30, 2021, to LESPA member Mark VonKeitz.
XIV. Discussion
XV. Information
XVI. Guest/Citizen Comment - Non-Agenda Items
XVII. Superintendent's Report
XVIII. Board Comments
XIX. Adjournment
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