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August 24, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order/Opening Prayer/Pledge of Allegiance
2. Public Comment
3. Recognition
3.A. School Supply Donors - VonderAu Ford, Gilbert Escamilla - DJ Jamz Entertainment, Sonic Drive In 
3.B. Convocation Supporters
4. Consent Agenda
4.A. Governance
4.A.1. Consider Approval of Minutes
4.A.1.a. Minutes - July 27, 2021 Regular  
4.A.1.b. Minutes - August 9, 2021 Special 
4.A.2. Consider Approval of TASB Localized Policy Manual Update 117 
4.B. Business and Support Services
4.B.1. Review of Monthly Financial Reports.
4.B.2. Review of Checks Written for the Month of July 2021.
4.B.3. Consider Approval of TASB Unemployment Compensation Coverage Renewal.
4.B.4. Approval of Resolution to Commit Fund Balance.
4.B.5. Review of Applications for Payment submitted by Polasek Construction, Inc. for the El Campo Ricebird Weight Room Project.
4.B.6. Equity Center Membership 
4.C. Curriculum and Instruction
4.C.1. Consider Approval of 4-H as an Extra Curricular Activity and Adjunct Faculty
4.C.2. District and Campus Goals & Objectives
5. Discussion and Action Items
5.A. Business and Operations
5.A.1. Consider Approval of Final Amendments to the 2020-2021 General Operating Budget.
5.A.2. Approval of Ordinance Adopting the 2021-2022 General Operating Budget.
5.A.3. Discuss and Consider Approval of Ordinance Setting the M&O and I&S Tax Rates for FY 2021-2022.
5.A.4. Review of Special Revenue Budgets for FY 2021-2022.
5.B. Governance
5.B.1. Discussion and possible action regarding recently released TEA guidance on COVID-19 procedures.
6. Closed Session:
6.A. Pursuant to Texas Government Code § 551.074 (1) PERSONNEL MATTERS, Discussion regarding the Superintendent Evaluation and Employment Contract 
6.B. Texas Government Code § 551.074 (1) PERSONNEL MATTERS, to Deliberate the Appointment, Employment, Evaluation, Reassignment, Duties, Discipline, or Dismissal of a Public Officer or Employee
7. Personnel
7.A. Discussion and Possible Action Amending the 2021-2022 Supplemental Pay Stipends for Identified Positions (Middle School Coaching)
7.B. Discussion and Possible Action regarding the Superintendent Evaluation and Employment Contract
7.C. Discussion and Possible Action regarding Employment of Professional Positions
8. Superintendent's Report
8.A. Governance
8.A.1. Board Meeting Calendar Dates for 2021-2022  
8.B. Business and Support Services
8.B.1. District Facilities Report 
8.C. Students
8.C.1. Report on Student Enrollment
9. Adjournment
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