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November 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Regular

1. Discussion and Action Items
1.A. Business and Operations
1.B. Curriculum and Instruction
1.B.1. Consider Approval of the Bilingual Education and ESL Program Evaluation
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2. Closed Session: 
3. Personnel
3.A. Consider Action on Personnel Items Discussed In Closed Session
4. Superintendent's Report
4.A. Community and Governmental Relations
5. Call to Order/Opening Prayer/Pledge of Allegiance
6. Public Comment
7. Recognition
8. Duke Talent Program
9. Consent Agenda
9.A. Business and Support Services
9.A.1. Review of Monthly Financial Reports for the Month of October 2019
9.A.2. Consider Approval of Special Education Work Program as an Extension of the Career & Technology Work Program
9.B. Personnel
10. Governance
11. Consider Approval of the Minutes
12. Approval of  Property Tax Resale Transaction.
13. Consider Annual Resolution to Commit Fund Balance
14. Review of Checks Written for the Month of October 2019
15. Budget Amendment(s)
16. Set Date and Time of Special Meeting to Cover Annual Superintendent Performance Evaluation for Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 6:00 pm
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17. Curriculum and Instruction
18. Students
19. Presentation Items
19.A. Business and Operations
19.A.1. Transportation Update - Bussing Survey and Grant Opportunity
20. Discuss and Consider Renaming Northside Elementary School
21. Short Break
22. Long-Range Improvements Maintenance Department
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23. Consider Approval to Seek Bids on Proposed Oil and Gas Lease
24. Curriculum and Instruction
25. Discussion with Elementary School Principals and Instructional Coaches
26. Proposals for New Course Offerings/Changes in Curriculum 
27. Discuss and Consider Hiring Architectural Firm
28. Discussion and Possible Action Requesting the Architectural Firm to Evaluate and Make Recommendations Concerning  District Facilities
29. DIscuss Establishing Myatt as Community Eligibility Provisions (CEP)
30. Governance
31. Discuss Data from Annual Board Effectiveness Audit
32. Appoint ECISD Representative to Wharton County Central Appraisal District Board of Directors
33. Review Items
33.A. Governance
33.A.1. Review Board Member's Continuing Education Hours
34. Curriculum and Instruction
34.A. Instructional Materials (IMA) Adoption Process
35. Discuss Revisions to the Disrict Mission Statement
36. Report on Campus Discipline Committees
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37. Business and Operations
38. Texas Government Code ยง551.074 (1) PERSONNEL MATTERS, to Deliberate the Appointment, Employment, Evaluation, Reassignment, Duties, Discipline, or Dismissal of a Public Officer or Employee
39. Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074 discussion regarding the Superintendent evaluation including the evaluation instrument, evaluation process and timeline Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071 and 551.129 consultation with attorney regarding legal issues pertaining to the Superintendent evaluation including the evaluation instrument, evaluation
process and timeline.
40. Governance
41. Business and Support Services
42. Set Date and Time of Special Meeting to Approve Financial Audit for Friday, December 19th or 20th at Noon
43. Personnel
44. Curriculum and Instruction
45. Students
46. Adjournment

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