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September 13, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1.A. Call to Order
1.B. Roll Call
1.C. Pledge of Allegiance
1.D. Invocation
1.E. Adoption of Agenda
1.F. Approve Minutes of the August 9, 2022 Regular Board Meeting
Description:  Procedure for addressing the Board in a public meeting may be viewed here:
Description:  For any agenda item indicated with an asterisk (*), the Board may vote to convene in Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03 (A) (1) for personnel matters when notified; (2) discussion or consideration of records exempt by law from public inspection; (3) for consultation with attorney; (4) for consultation with attorney when in pending or contemplated litigation. Discussion or consideration of personnel matters may include employment, assignment, appointment, promotion, demotion, dismissal, salaries, disciplining or resignation of a public officer, appointee or employee.
Description:  Vote on Consent Agenda. All items listed will be considered as a group and will be approved with one motion unless a Board Member requests an item be removed from the consent agenda and considered as a separate item.
4.A. Approve Expense Vouchers
Description:  Action to ratify district vouchers for period 8/3/22 through 9/6/22.
General and Special Funds: #1069 $43,382.72 (encumbered); #1070 $50,126.26 (encumbered); #4 $148,088.45; #5 $156,424.30; #1004 $112.520.16; #1005 $80,873.42; #1006 $1,276.97; #1007 $77,583.30; #1008 $1,733.37; #1009 $72,872.29
Auxiliary Operations Funds: #1098 $312.13 (encumbered); #1099 $3,440.95 (encumbered); #1100 $46,990.48 (encumbered); #1002 $3,350.00; #1004 $215.85; #1005 $3,072.04
Student Activities Fund: #1003 $838.42; #1006 $2,815.99
4.B. Student Activities Fund Report
Description:  Revenues, expenditures and charges in the Student Activities Fund Report; period of 8/1/22 through 8/31/22.
4.C. Gifts & Donations
Donor Item School/Program Purpose Amount
Various Flute, piccalo, snare drum (photos attached) Band Instruments for student use Estimated value: $1,500 
Donors Choose Welding gloves, angle grinder, welding supplies Welding vocational program Supplies and equipment for welding lab $596
Donors Choose Human body three-dimensional models HS science classes Instruction $357
APS Supply My School cash donation Greg Case - JH Teacher Classroom supplies $500
Summit Healthcare Cash Athletics - Jr/Sr High Program support $1,475
4.D. Student Fundraisers
Organization Description Action
Cheerleading Jr. Cheer Camp Approval
FFA "Kiss the Pig" contest Ratification
FFA Sell Snacks -Tractor Supply Days Approval
HS Boys Basketball Discount Cards Ratification
4.E. Accept Enrollment of Foreign Exchange Students
4.F. Intergovernmental Agreement with Navajo County Community College District  / Northland Pioneer College for Dual Enrollment Students
4.G. Intergovernmental Agreement with Navajo County Community College District / Northland Pioneer College for Concurrent Enrollment -TALON Students
4.H. Acceptance of School Facility Board Awards
Description:  $174,475.00 - Joseph City JH/HS Gym bleacher replacement
$24,000.00 - Joseph City Elementary School Gym bleachers upgrades and repairs
$84,620.24 - Joseph City Elementary School HVAC system heat exchanger replacement
5.A. Possible Approval of JV Drama Coach Position
5.B. Increase Pay Rates for Athletic Tournament Hospitality Coordinators
5.C. Personnel Requests (*)
Name Assignment Action
Ashcroft, Reese Football, Wrestling Volunteer (ratification)
Bowler, Laurie Certified Tutor Renewal
Bushman, Peter Certified Tutor Assignment
Dabbs, Rhonna Elementary Volunteer
Deiparine, Sheryl-Ann Certified Tutor Renewal
DeWitt, Darolyn Certified Tutor Renewal
DeWitt, Lexi Volleyball Volunteer (ratification)
Edwards, Jeri Event Worker Renewal
Fast, Kristina Concession Stand Worker Student Appointment
Fish, Brenda Event Worker Appointment
Frost, Katie Softball Volunteer
Hancock, Roland Concession Coordinator Renewal
Hansen, Ruth Certified Tutor Renewal
Hardy, Rhyan Concession Stand Worker Student Appointment 
Holmes, Theresa Certified Tutor Renewal
Howerton, Annyssa Substitute Teacher Appointment
Hutchens, Neleigha Volleyball Volunteer (ratification)
Hutchens, Neleigha Event Worker Ratification
Krebs, Gerard Wrestling Volunteer
Johnstun, Aaron Boys Basketball Volunteer
Juarez, Kassidy Bus Monitor Appointment (ratification)
Keams, Margaret Substitute Custodian Appointment
Keams, Margaret Van Driver Appointment (ratification)
Larsen, Eldon Baseball Volunteer (ratification)
Layden, Trakelle Girls Basketball Volunteer
Metzger, Kelly Certified Tutor Assignment
Miller, Cambria Auditorium Tech Appointment
Miller, Landon Auditorium Tech Appointment
Morris, Patrick Bus Driver Appointment (ratification)
Neill, Aaron Softball Volunteer
Miller, Charlsye Softball Volunteer
Miller, Lane Boys Basketball Volunteer
Rush, Kay Head Coach - HS Track Assignment
Sander, Jorge Softball Volunteer
Smith, Gayla JV Coach II - HS Track Assignment
Smithson (Edwards), Krista Instructional Aide Appointment (Ratification)
Snyder, Brinlee Concession Stand Worker Student Appointment
Varney, Jean Substitute Teacher Appointment (contracted through ESI)
Whetten, Anthony Asst. Drama Coach Assignment (if position is approved in Agenda Item 5.A.)
Young, Claire Certified Tutor Renewal
5.D. Approval of 2022-23 Performance Pay Plans for Teachers, Specialist, and Counselor
5.E. Accept the Joseph City Unified School District Audit issued on August 26, 2022 for the Fiscal Year 2020-21
Description:  The Governing Board will not vote on Discussion Items and any action taken as a result of this discussion will be limited to directing staff to study the matter or scheduling the matter for a future agenda.
6.A. Review of Possible Policy Changes to be Considered for Adoption at a Future Meeting
Description:  No policy changes will be adopted at this meeting. The following policy advisories are the result of laws passed by the Arizona 55th Legislature effective September 24, 2022. Policies affected:  

JRR-Student Surveys; KI-Visitors to Schools; KB-Parental Involement in Education; IHAMB-Family Life Education; JLCB-Immunizations of Students; JLCC-Communicable Infectious Diseases; DIA-Accounting System; IHA-Basic Instructional Program; JLDA-School Counselors and Psychologists; JICFA-Hazing; IKF-Graduation Requirements; JJIA-Intramural Sports (new); EE-Transportation Services; EEAEA-Bus Driver Requirements. Training, and Responsibilities; JF-Student Admissions; IJL-Library Materials Selection and Adoption; IJNC-Resource Centers/Media Centers/School Libraries; IMD-School Ceremonies and Observances; IMB-Teaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues
7.A. Status of ESSER Funds, Other Funding Sources and Related Budget Issues
7.B. Requests for Future Agenda Items
Description:  This agenda item is for the Governing Board to have a running record of potential items to be placed on future agendas. There will be no discussion on the substance, merits, or issues relating to the proposed agenda item.
7.C. Upcoming Meetings and Events Calendar
  • Next Regular Board Meeting - October 11, 2022; 6:00 p.m.

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