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July 12, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Public Hearing and Regular Board Meeting

Description:  Individuals may comment on the FY22-23 Proposed Budget. In accordance with the State of Arizona budget recently passed by the Arizona legislature, the budget, when adopted, will incorporate increases and other changes in the FY22-23 Arizona budget when signed into law. 

Complete copies of the Proposed and Adopted Budgets may be viewed at the Joseph City School District Office and online at in Item 7.A. of this agenda.
2.A. Call to Order
2.B. Roll Call
2.C. Pledge of Allegiance
2.D. Invocation
2.E. Adoption of Agenda
2.F. Approve Minutes of the June 14, 2022 Regular Board Meeting
2.G. Superintendent's Report
Description:  A draft JH-HS schedule is attached to this item.  This schedule is subject to change, please be aware of this. 
Description:  Individuals who wish to address the Board are requested to complete the appropriate form prior to the meeting and give the form to the Board Secretary. Members of the Board may not discuss items that are not specifically identified on the agenda. Therefore, pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.01(H), action taken as a result of public comment will be limited to directing staff to study the matter or scheduling the matter for a future agenda. The Board requests that all comments be limited to five minutes or less, that speakers refrain from the use of speech or language that is offensive or inappropriate, pursuant to Board policy KFA and that speakers refrain from voicing complaints against school personnel or any person connected with the District, as it may impact due process rights. Policies KE, KEB, and KED are provided by the Board for disposition of legitimate complaints, including those involving individuals. Forms required for use of these policies can be obtained from the Joseph City Schools website. The President will limit discussion whenever he deems such action appropriate to the proper conduct of the meeting.
Description:  For any agenda item indicated with an asterisk (*), the Board may vote to convene in Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03 (A) (1) for personnel matters when notified; (2) discussion or consideration of records exempt by law from public inspection; (3) for consultation with attorney; (4) for consultation with attorney when in pending or contemplated litigation. Discussion or consideration of personnel matters may include employment, assignment, appointment, promotion, demotion, dismissal, salaries, disciplining or resignation of a public officer, appointee or employee.
Description:  Vote on Consent Agenda. All items listed will be considered as a group and will be approved with one motion unless a Board Member requests an item be removed from the consent agenda and considered as a separate item.
5.A. Approve Expense Vouchers
Description:  Action to ratify district vouchers for the period 6/8/22 through 7/6/22.
General and Special Funds:
FY22 - #30 $38,862.01; #31 $75,878.82; #32 $52,301.24; #1062 $54,572.84; #1063 $322,750.17; #1064 $32,817.56; #1065 $65,251.20
FY23 - #1 $20,238.40; #1000 $176,076.10
Auxiliary Operations Funds: #1089 $835.45; #1092 $1,543.55; #1093 $11,502.89
Student Activities Fund: #1090 $225.00
5.B. Student Activities Fund Report
Description:  Revenues, expenditures and charges in the Student Activities Fund Report; period of 6/1/22 through 6/30/22.
5.C. Disposal of Surplus Property
Description:  Approve the disposal of unused surplus furniture, equipment,books, vehicles and other items in compliance with Arizona statutes and administrative code via our online auction web service.
5.D. Approval of JCUSD Qualified Evaluators for 2022 - 2023 School Year 
Description:  Eric Miller, Daniel Hutchens, Bryan Fields, and Darrel Mosier. 
5.E. Approval of the Use of the Strong Evaluation Instrument and Corresponding Forms for the Evaluation of JCUSD Employees.  
5.F. Ratification of a School Facilities Board Building Renewal Grant for the Joseph City Jr/Sr High School Auditorium HVAC Air Handler Replacement
Description:  To replace a compressor in the west air handler of the Auditorium in the amount of $79,129.00
Attachments: (1)
Description:  Discussion and possible action to approve employee assignments, approve volunteers and accept employee resignations.
6.A. Employee Assignments, Employee Renewals, Volunteers, Employee Resignations
Description:  Discussion and possible action to approve employee assignments and renewals, approve volunteers and accept employee resignations.
Bowler, Laurie - National Honor Society Sponsor 
Bushman, Dan - CTE Director
Dunton, Poppy - JH/HS Choral Director
Hancock, Roland - FBLA Sponsor
Hutchens, Dan - JH/HS Band [ESI-employee]
Neal, Lillian - HS Student Council
Randall, Julie - Red Ribbon Coordinator
Randall, Julie - Yearbook Advisor
Rodrigues, Christina - FFA Sponsor
Rush, Kay - JH Student Council
Smith, Tyson - Hot Rod Club Sponsor
Smith, Tyson - Skills USA Sponsor 
Stradling, Jim - Skills USA Sponsor 
Westover, Jennifer - Cheer Sponsor

RENEWALS (Miscellaneous):
Beatty, Kristen - 7th Grade Softball Coach
Beatty, Kristen - 7th Grade Volleyball Coach

Berge, Aiden - Student Concession Stand Worker
Bushman, Dan - HS Girls Basketball Head Coach
Bushman, Jessi - HS Volleyball JV Coach
Edwards, Jeri - 8th Grade Volleyball Coach

Fischer, Brad - JH Wrestling Assistant Coach
Fischer, Brad - HS Football Assistant Coach
Fischer, Brad - HS Wrestling Head Coach

Fischer, Joseph - Student Concession Stand Worker
Hancock, Roland - HS Cross Country JV Coach
Hutchens, Dan - HS Softball Head Coach [ESI employee]

Hutchens, Daniel III - JH Boys Basketball Coach
Krebbs, Gerard - JH Wrestling Head Coach
Layden, Caleb - HS Baseball JV Coach
Layden, Caleb - HS Girls Basketball JV Coach
Layden, Caleb - JH Football Head Coach
Layden, Shawn - HS Baseball Head Coach
Layden, Shawn - HS Football Head Coach
Miller, Charlsye - HS Volleyball Head Coach
Miller, Eric - HS Boys Basketball Head Coach

Miller, Peter - Student Concession Stand Worker
Smith, Gayla - HS Cross Country Head Coach
Smith, Shane - Student Concession Stand Worker
Spurlock, Mary - 8th Grade Softball Coach
Westover, Tim - HS Wrestling JV Coach

RENEWALS (Event Workers):
Buckley, Shealyn
Farnes, Mitchell
Fischer, Brad
Fischer, Hayden
Frost, Brooke
Frost, Katherine
Gayer, Lisa
Gayer, Michael
Hutchens, Cara
Hutchens, Neleigha
Johnstun, Aaron
Johnstun, Dana
Johnstun, Sam James
Miller, Arami
Miller, Kylie
Oldham, Jenny
Pedersen, Jordan
Rascon, Amelia
Smith, Gayla
Smith, Jim
Spurlock, Mary
Spurlock, Sharon
Westover, Jennifer
Whetten, Anthony

RENEWALS (Substitute Teachers):
Bowler, Felicia
Frost, Katherine
Lake, Ledra
Miller, Kylie
Nelson, Veronica
Oldham, Jennie
Pugh, Robert
Smith, Gayla
Agnew, Coretta 
6.B. Personnel Appointments
Description:  Discussion and possible action to approve the appointment of new personnel and changes to positions of current personnel.
Rice, Lisa - Special Education Secretary
Rodrigues, Christina - Part time JH/HS Agriculture Teacher
Spurlock, Elizabeth - Student Concession Stand worker
Whetten, Jason - Drama Coach 
7.A. Approve the Joseph City Schools FY22-23 Budget
Description:  The budget to be adopted includes increases approved by the Arizona Legislature subsequent to the approval of the proposed budget at the previous board meeting.
7.B. Discussion and Possible Approval of Pay Rate Adjustments and Salary Schedule Changes for Certified and Classified Staff
Description:  We are requesting the board approve base increases and other pay adjustments due to additional funding for school districts included in the State of Arizona FY23 budget signed by the Governor on June 28, 2022.
7.C. Approval of the Joseph City Jr/Sr High School Student Handbook
Description:  This includes rules and procedures for the students at the JH-HS level.
7.D. Discussion and Possible Approval of Textbook and Curriculum Adoption
Description:  Textbook/curriculum materials have been available for public review for 60 days in accordance with Governing Board Policy IJJ. Copies of the textbooks and curriculum materials may be viewed in the Joseph City Schools District Office Board Room.
  • Math (6th, 7th and 8th grades)
  • Pre-Algebra
7.E. Reimbursement for Cell Phone Use
Description:  Approve cell phone use reimbursement for HS Guidance Counselor- Dan Bushman
Description:  The Governing Board will not vote on Discussion Items and any action taken as a result of this discussion will be limited to directing staff to study the matter or scheduling the matter for a future agenda.
9.A. Requests for Future Agenda Items
Description:  This agenda item is for the Governing Board to have a running record of potential items to be placed on future agendas. There will be no discussion on the substance, merits, or issues relating to the proposed agenda item.
9.B. Upcoming Meetings and Events Calendar
  • Next Regular Board Meeting - August 9, 2022; 6:00 p.m.
Description:  Call to adjourn the meeting

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