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July 11, 2017 at 6:10 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1.A. Call the Meeting to Order     (President)
1.B. Roll Call     (Kathy Mitchell)
1.C. Adoption of the Agenda     (President)
1.D. Read, correct and approve the minutes of the following date(s):     (President)
1.E.(i) Superintendent/JH-HS Principal
1.E.(ii) Elementary Principal
1.E.(iii) Business & Operations
1.E.(iv) Technology
1.E.(v) Maintenance
2. Call to the Public for Comments to the Governing Board (30 Minute Time Limit)     (President)
This is the time for the public to comment.  Members of the Governing Board may not discuss items that are not on the agenda.  Therefore, action taken as a result of public comment will be limited to directing staff to study the matter or scheduling the matter for further consideration and decision at a later date.  There is a 5 minute time limit per person. 
3. CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS(*Possible Executive Session Items)    (President)
3.A. Operations
3.A.(i) District General Funds Vouchers:  #1066-1067 ($72,365.20)  
3.A.(ii) District Student Activity Vouchers:  #1023-1024 ($1,391.47)  
3.A.(iii) District Auxiliary Vouchers:  # 1044-1046  ($34,191.63)
3.A.(iv) District Revolving Fund Vouchers:   None 
3.A.(v) District Payroll Vouchers:# 30-31 ($104,906.24) &   #1 (FY'18) ($30,079.38) 
3.A.(vi) Approval of Joseph City USD Agreement with ESI
3.A.(vii) Approval of Governing Board Members to Attend the ASBA Law Conference: September 6th-8th, 2017
Description:  It is not required that you attend this.  It is only board approved in the event that any GB members decide to attend.  Please let Kathy know asap if you are interested in attending or have questions about this conference. 
3.A.(viii) Approval of the Navajo Youth Risk Behavior Survey: Conducted Every 3 Years 
3.A.(ix) Governing Board Policy Revisions (second reading)
3.A.(x) Governing Board Policy Revisions (first reading)
Attachments: (4)
3.B. Financial Summaries: General Funds, Auxiliary, Student Activity
3.C. *Personnel 
3.C.(i) *Approval of 2017 Sponsors
3.C.(i)(a) *HS Student Council: Robert Pugh; JH Student Council: Clare Elmer; CTE Coordinator and Testing Coordinator: Frances Monzingo; NHS Advisor: Laurie Bowler; Business Pulications: Julie Clifford; FBLA: Teddi Baird; FFA: John Patterson: Skills USA Sponsors(Autos and Construction/Cabinetry): John Patterson, Jim Stradling; Ski Club: Laura Mitchell; Hot Rod Club: John Patterson; Robotics Club: Bryan Fields, Jason Gardner; HS Band/Choral: Andy Foree: Auditorium Coordinator: Darrel Mosier; Graduation Coordinator: Frances Monzingo; NAVIT Coordinator: Julie Clifford; Red Ribbon Coordinator: Julie Clifford; Hospitality Room Coordinator: Kim Brennan; Wrestling Tournament Coordinator: Tonnie Pugh
3.C.(ii) *Approval of Laurie Bowler as a Concurrent Enrollment Teacher 2017- 2018
3.C.(iii) *Approval of FY 18 JH/HS Class Sponsors 
3.C.(iii)(a) Class of 2018:Teddi Baird, Jim Stradling, Darrel Mosier; Class of 2019: Mike Sterkowitz, Lillian Neal, Julie Clifford; Class of 2020: Sheri Brennan, Dan Bushman, Andy Foree; Class of 2021: Laurie Bowler, Shawn Layden, John Patterson; Class of 2022: Laura Mitchell, Robert Pugh; Class of 2022: Clare Elmer, Sarah Farnes
4. NEW BUSINESS (*Possible Executive Session Items) 
4.A. * Personnel (Consideration & Possible Action) (Possible Executive Session Items)
4.A.(i) *Approval of Kindergarten Aide: Ericka Hunt
4.A.(ii) *Approval of the Transfer of Teresa Van Hemert to a Full Time Special Needs Aide 
4.A.(iii) *Approval of Elementary PE Position: Zachary Miller 
4.A.(iv) *FY'18 District Substitute Teachers
4.A.(iv)(a) *Brooke Frost, Dee Dee Van Fredemberg, Kathleen Mendes, Kelly Metzger, Kylie Miller, Nina Ortiz, Reva Searle, Gayla Smith, Jean Varney, Nancy Welsh
4.A.(v) *Randy Tenney - High School Assistant Wrestling  Coach
4.A.(vi) *Approval of FY 18 Junior High School Head Football Coach: David 'Rusty' Hansen 
4.B. Operations (Consideration & Possible Action)
4.B.(i) Adoption of the 2017- 2018 Budget
4.B.(ii) Approval of the Allocation of Monies Related to the 1.06% Teacher Salary Increase Pursuant to Laws 2017, Ch. 305, 33
4.B.(iii) Approval of Large Classroom Stipend: $3,500 per Teacher 
4.B.(iv) Approval of 1st Reading on the Adoption of Coding/Computer Curriculum at the HS Level: Accelerated Learning Pathways
Description:  Information folder will be available at the meeting for the Board members and the public to review.  Jason can provide internet access on the program upon request.  
4.B.(v) Approval of the JCUSD/Red Cross Emergency Facilities Use Agreement
4.B.(vi) Approval of 10th Grade World History Textbook Adoption (second reading)
5. Set Next Board Meeting Date and Time/Potential Agenda Items 
5.A. Comments from the Governing Board or Administration
Description:  Open time from Board Members or Administration to mention future agenda items or to make agenda relevant comments.  
5.B. Confirmation of August Board Meeting: August 8, 2017
The Governing Board reserves the right to recess into Executive Session when needed pursuant to A.R.S. 38.431.03.A, (1) for personnel matters when notified; (2) discussion or consideration of records exempt by law from public inspection; (3) for consultation with attorney; (4) for consultation with attorney when in pending or contemplated litigation.
Packet background materials for agenda items will be available for study in the District Office on the day preceding the Board Meeting. If any disabled person needs any type of accommodation, please notify the District Office at 928-288-3307 at least 72 hours prior to the time scheduled for the meeting.

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