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July 12, 2010 at 7:00 PM - Regular

I. Call to Order and Establishment of Quorum
II. Invocation
III. Open Forum for Public Input:
Description:  Time is set aside to hear comments from the audience regarding agenda items or other topics of general nature
IV. Consent Agenda
IV.A. Approve Revenue/Expenditure Report for June
IV.B. Approve Quarterly Investment Report
IV.C. Approve Minutes from June 10 Budget Workshop and June 14, 2010 Regular Board Meeting
IV.D. Approve audit firm for 2009-10 financial audit
V. Discuss/Approve purchases over $10,000 - Hardware Upgrade and Ag Farm Clearing
Presenter:  Sharon Wager and Melinda Benson
VI. Discuss/Approve  Optional Flexible Year Program for 2010-11 and School Calendar modifications to accommodate the Optional Flexible Year Program
Presenter:  Joyce Sloan and Sharon Wager
VII. Action as a result of budget workshop
Presenter:  Melinda Benson
VII.A. Approve employee stipends 2010-11
VII.B. Approve employee benefits 2010-11
VIII. Review changes to Student Handbooks
Presenter:  Joyce Sloan
IX. Discuss/Approve New Diana ISD School Board  Code of Conduct
Presenter:  Kirk Krienke
X. Discuss/Possible Approval of employment of personnel
Presenter:  Joyce Sloan
XI. Review research for education foundation for New Diana
Presenter:  Steve Skinner and Joyce Sloan
XII. Discuss/Approve items for August agenda
Presenter:  Board Members and Joyce Sloan
XIII. Adjournment

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