February 8, 2021 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order, Roll Call, and Establishment of Quorum
2. Open Forum
3. Closed Session
4. Reconvene to Open Session and Pledges of Allegiance
5. Recognitions
5.A. Student Recognition: Falcon Dismissal Leaders
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5.B. LDISD Counselor Recognition
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5.C. Featured Falcon - Shining the Spotlight on LD Staff
6. Consent Agenda Items
6.A. Consideration/Approval of the Minutes of the January 11, 2021 Board of Trustees Meeting.
6.B. Consideration/Approval of the Minutes of the January 16, 2021 Board of Trustees Meeting.
6.C. Consideration/Approval of Monthly Financial Statements
6.D. Consideration/Approval of Order of Election to the Lake Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, Places 1 and 2

6.E. Consideration/Approval of Administrative Contracts for 2021-2022
6.F. Consideration/Approval of Hybrid Instruction During District-Scheduled Testing Days for K-8th Grade Students Waiver
6.G. Consideration/Approval of Request for 40% Campus Hybrid Instruction for 9th - 12th Grade Students
6.H. Consideration/Approval of Local Policy Update 116
7. Action/Discussion Items
7.A. Consideration/Approval of the purchase of band uniforms for Lake Dallas High School
7.B. Consideration/Approval of the purchase of a full size school bus
7.C. Consideration/Approval of a Communications Facilities License Agreement
8. Reports
8.A. 87th Legislative Session Update
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8.B. Construction Report
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9. Review/Information Items
9.A. LDISD Counseling Services: Continuing to Serve the Community Through the Covid-19 Pandemic
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9.B. Special Populations Report: Early Childhood Special Education
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9.C. Athletic Updates
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9.D. Lake Dallas ISD Events
10. Closed Session (if needed)
11. Adjournment
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